Speaker: Dave McGinley

With God - Christmas Eve

December 24, 2023

What is the greatest gift you have ever received on Christmas? This Sunday night...

With God - FOR God

December 17, 2023

What?! How can living FOR God, not be the best for us? We will explore that in this...

With God - UNDER God

November 26, 2023

I hope you had a Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and gratitude to Christ. I...

Everyday Church - Hope

October 22, 2023

Brokenness. Peter wrote his final chapter of 1 Peter to give hope to early Christians...

Everyday Church - Care

October 01, 2023

I come from a fun-loving family and sometimes it means we are a little weird. Yet we...

C.R.E.W. Week 3

September 03, 2023

We will talk about being energized by the Holy Spirit in our C.R.E.W. sermon series.

C.R.E.W. Week 2

August 27, 2023

We will continue in our sermon series C.R.E.W. and will be talking about being God’s...