Casas por Cristo Information Meeting

Mission Trip Meeting

Sunday, July 28, 11:30am, North Classroom A

We would like to invite anyone curious about serving with Casas por Cristo in Acuña Mexico to an informational meeting after late service on July 28. Our upcoming trip will take place from December 28, 2024 to January 3, 2025. Once a participant registers with the button below, there are 3 team meetings (9/15, 11/24, & 12/15) to attend after late church. Also, each participant is expected to participate in our group fundraising at church on October 6 & 13. More details below.

Acuna Trip Registration & Deposit

Description of on-the-ground work for trip participants:
Our team will build 2 houses in 3 days. No experience is necessary; however, endurance is important since the days can be long. We interact with the family and play with any children present. No Spanish is required, but it can be helpful to know a few phrases.

Visa/Passport and Vaccination requirements:
Passport valid till 4/1/25; Tetanus within 10 years

Trip Details:
We will take 2 days to drive to and from Acuña, Mexico in vans and personal vehicles. In Acuña, we will stay in a church with bunkbeds and floorspace for sleeping. Casas por Cristo will provide all of our meals, and most dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

We will tell our family and friends about what we're doing; therefore, allowing them to support the team financially. We will also fundraise as a group at church during the first two Sundays of October.

Deposit: $100/participant; Total cost: ~$300/participant

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