Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes at Webster Gardens

“Helping Without Hurting: How To Avoid Toxic Charity”
Teacher: Rick Holtz
Room: Music Room  
Time: Begins Nov. 5, 9:30-10:25am

While many churches, including Webster Gardens, are being faced with growing demands to help the impoverished, how do we respond biblically? Needy people come to our church doors and we see them at intersections as we drive. How should we as individuals, and corporately as a church, respond to these opportunities? Should we help everyone? Or help no one? How can we help without hurting them or us? You're invited to join us for three sessions on November 5, 12 and 19 in the Music Room to explore this topic more. Have questions? Contact Rick Holtz at 

“The Legacy of Luther's Reformation”
Teacher: Pastors Jason Broge & David Peter 
Friendship Hall   
Time: 9:30-10:25am

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which God began through the life and teachings of Martin Luther. This course investigates the significant events of Luther’s life, and how these formed him to rediscover the Gospel message and courageously commend it to the world. The course also reflects upon the important teachings which arose from the Reformation, truths which have transformed countless lives and even history itself ever since. The Reformation was about “Christ alone,” and Jesus is glorified through the life and words of Martin Luther and the gifts of grace which he restored.

Parents Bible Study
Teachers: John and Erica Spangler
Room: Classroom A 
Time: 9:30-10:25am

While many of us have thought, “Help! My kid knows more about the bible than I do” or "I need a parenting do-over," we're not alone as parents when it comes to raising our children. This class will encourage, support, and equip you as we learn what it means to be godly parents. Come join us on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:25am in Classroom A. 

"Christianity 101"
Teacher: Glenn Sprich 
Room: Board Room
Time: August 20, 9:30-10:25am

In this class we'll review the basic doctrines and core beliefs of the Christian faith. We'll answer questions, such as, why the Bible is the inspired Word of God? What does saved by grace mean? How do we receive the forgiveness of sins through the Sacraments? What do we mean by the redemption and atonement of our sins by Jesus on the cross? We'll also going over the importance of using our spiritual gifts and living out the Great Commission in our lives.

“What We Believe”
Teacher: Michelle Burford
   Room: North Classroom C
   Time: 9:30-10:25am

Webster Gardens is blessed to have a community with diverse backgrounds coming together to seek to know Jesus. Whether you’ve never studied the Bible before, just need a refresher about what the Bible has to say about our daily lives, or want to investigate more about our core beliefs as Lutheran Christians, What We Believe is a great place to get started. Join us for six Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:25 am to explore these topics and more.  To register, email Michelle Burford at  or sign up here!

“Young Adults Bible Class”
Teacher: Dave Eberle 
  Room: Parlor Room   
  Time: 9:30-10:25am

This class is topic and discussion based with a wide variety of themes. We prioritize learning, discussing, and growing the spiritual needs of each member through open, judgement free dialogues. This class emphasizes vulnerability, openness, understanding, and light-heartedness. There is a singular main topic each week, but a loose structure allows the class to go off on tangents if they are pertinent to an individual's questions or needs.