We all have people in our lives that we care deeply about. Simply inviting someone to church could be all it takes for Jesus to take hold of them and change their life. All we have to do is ask people we know to come!  Be an inviter by following these steps:

  • PRAY TO GOD to move the hearts of those you invite and help you be bold in inviting others.
  • MAKE A LIST OF PEOPLE TO INVITE and be open to the opportunities that God sends your way.
  • TALK ABOUT YOUR CHURCH WITH YOUR LIST. Whenever it is natural, talk about your church. It is much easier to invite someone to church if they have heard you speak about it before.
  • EXTEND THE INVITATION. There are many ways to invite—in-person, texting, or choose one of the electronic invites below to share via email or social media.

How do you want to share?

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