Discipleship Next Step Menus

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What NEXT step is God calling you to take?  

God always meets us right where we are, and then calls us to take "Next Steps" in our spiritual growth.  During times when gathering for church campus discipleship opportunities are challenging, we have put together ministry "menus" of resources linked to the images above that will help individuals and households take ownership in their Next Steps from home. 

Broken down into actions, a growing disciple is always...

  • Cultivating a Biblically Grounded Faith - Disciples are in a lifelong process to align their beliefs, thoughts, and ways to God's truth, revealed to us through His Word, the Bible.  A growing disciple seeks to better understand God's Word, trust it more fully each day, let it be the authority and learn to apply it in their daily life.
  • Connected in Christ-Centered Relationships - A sign of Christian maturity is having relationships that are centered in and focused on Christ and what He has done for us.  This applies to relationships both with other believers (for encouragement, strength, building up, etc.) and with those who do not yet know Christ.
  • Practicing Spiritual Disciplines - As an athlete practices the skills that sharpen their game, we seek to grow in our faith and relationship with God through personal devotions, fasting, prayer, confessing sin, and having spiritual conversations with others.
  • Committed to Worship - Celebrating God's goodness and receiving His gifts together in worship is an absolute necessity in the life of every believer.
  • Engaged in Serving, Giving, and Sharing the Gospel - We respond to God's gifts by using our resources, talents, and abilities to serve others and to share the love of Jesus.

Our goal is to equip, support, and celebrate all individuals and families taking next steps in discipleship.  Through these resources, we want to connect you to others and to Jesus, and see how God provides all that you need! 

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