Bible Classes

Sunday Adult Bible Classes


Our middle Sunday hour focuses on growing in God’s Word AND growing together in community, for kids and adults!

Sunday Bible Classes:

  • Adult Bible Class - Friendship Hall: Diving Deeper: A Study of Jonah: Join Pastors Dave McGinley and Jason Broge as we explore the historical context of the book of Jonah, look more closely at the themes, and discover how all of this can impact our daily lives as people who are called to proclaim good news in a dark world.

  • Adventures in Parenting - North Classroom C: As parents, we have the privilege and calling to guide our children and help them grow into balanced, God-honoring adults. This calling requires work, love, and wisdom.  This class will encourage, support, and equip you as we learn what it means to be Godly parents.

  • Adult Bible Class - The Board Room:  Join Glen Sprich for “The WHY of Bethlehem“. We are all familiar with the Christmas Story, but have we ever explored the “why” of Christmas such as why did Jesus have to born as a man, why was Jesus born in Bethlehem, and why were Mary and Joseph His parents? We will take an in-depth look and discussion of each part of the Christmas Story and the significance of the birth of Jesus and the beginning of God’s plan for our salvation.

  • How-To Know and Enjoy God In Worship - The Gym: In this class, you will learn the theology of worship, the practice of worship here at Webster Gardens, and how to live out Sunday habits beyond Sunday morning. Whether you are new here or WG has been your church home for years join Pastor McGinley (9/25), Pastor Will Murphy (10/2), or Pastor Brian King (10/9) to gain a greater understanding of worshipping with us. Please register for this three-week class HERE.