Young Adults

Young Adults

20 and 30 Somethings

Our generation has been marketed to since birth. From the dawn of POGS, GigaPets and Lady GaGa, it’s difficult to know who to trust, what’s real and where our true identity lies. 

So, we’re a church. We have beliefs. Everyone does. But in those beliefs, we still see the same things in the world that you see. We see the deception, the pain and suffering, the persecution. How do we see these things and still believe in a God that allows it to happen?

We aren’t going to market to you. When you come here we want you to just see us. We want you to see what we think, who we are and how we struggle. We want want to know what YOU think, who YOU are and how you struggle. We’ll listen to understand, not reply

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Small Groups

God put us in this life together. To help us grow in life and with each other, we have to keep it real, and that's why we have small groups.  Click here to learn more about young adult small groups.


Webster Gardens hosts special events a couple of times each year to help young adults meet and make new friends, and grow in faith together!