Young Adults

Young Adults - 20 AND 30 SOMETHINGS

So, we’re a church. We have beliefs. Everyone does. But in those beliefs, we still see the same things in the world that you see. We see the deception, the pain and suffering, the persecution. How do we see these things and still believe in a God that allows it to happen?  When you join us in Young Adult Ministry, we want you to just see us. We want you to see what we think, who we are and how we struggle. We want to know what YOU think, who YOU are, and how YOU struggle. We’ll listen to understand, not reply.

Young Adult Ministry gathers for a weekly Bible study at noon on Sundays in the Parlor. You'll find a group of friends ready to help you "keep it real" in light of God's plan for us. And you'll share friendships, compassion and laughs along the way.  We also host various fellowship events during the year.  We'd love to have you join us whenever you're ready to grow in faith together! 

If you have any questions about getting connected with our community, please contact Emily Schatz at .