Faith 101

What is Faith 101?

The goal of Faith 101 is to help middle school students identify with the life and mission of the church into which God has called them.

Faith 101 is not about classes, but about discipleship. Our goal is that all components work together so that kids know God and the love He showed to them in Jesus.



  • Worship is foundational to spiritual growth. God gathers His people! Faith 101 families worship weekly either online or at one of our in-the-building services (8:30 and 10am Sundays, 6:30pm Mondays).

Faith 101 sessions

  • 3x/month Video curriculum (5-7 minute video) and related Bible reading. 
  • A MyWebsterGardens form to respond to questions about the video and reading.
  • Family "drive time" questions or an activity based on the lesson to help promote conversations about the week's topic.

small group leaders

  • Just as in the past, students will have adult small group leaders who encourage them, check in with them, share Scripture with them and pray for them.

middle school Gatherings/MSG (optional) 2-3x/month

  • Community is important! As you can, students are encouraged to grow in community at our spatially-distanced gatherings for games and discussion.  We meet at church in the front parking lot with fire pits (weather permitting) or in the North Classrooms in inclement weather – bring your own chair and drink (when outside).

Faith 101 Calendar 2020-2021

Sept 9                 Intro BK Video—How this Works, How to Make it Meaningful

Section 1: How to Read the Bible 
Sept 16               How to Read the Bible 1: God Speaks 
Sept 23               How to Read the Bible 2: All About Jesus
Oct 7                   How to Read the Bible 3: Law and Gospel
Oct 14                 How to Read the Bible 4: How Not to Read the Bible
Oct 21                 BK Parent Zoom "How's it Going?"

Section 2: The Old Testament
Nov 4                   The Old Testament: In the Beginning
Nov 11                 The Old Testament: Transactions
Nov 18                 The Old Testament: Patterns and Cycles
Dec 2                    The Old Testament: Waiting
Dec 9                    The Old Testament: Wrap Up

Section 3: The New Testament - Part 1
Jan 13                    The New Testament: The Gospels
Jan 20                    The New Testament: The Book of Acts
Feb 3                     The New Testament: The New Testament Letters - Part 1

Section 4: Season of Lent
Feb 17                   Season of Lent Intro
Feb 24                   Week 1 Lent Worship     Response Form   
Mar 3                     Week 2 Lent Worship     Response Form
Mar 10                   Week 3 Lent Worship     Response Form
Mar 17                   Week 4 Lent Worship     Response Form
Mar 24                   Week 5 Lent Worship     Response Form

Section 5: The New Testament - Part 2
April 7                 
The New Testament: The New Testament Letters - Part 2
April 21                The New Testament: The New Testament - Book of Revelation
April 28                The New Testament: The New Testament - Wrap Up