Middle School

Middle School

The middle school years can be tough.  Friends.  Activities. Juggling schedules.  These years are also very important years of growth.  God cares about middle school students...and so do we.  Our Middle School ministry is geared toward connecting students with Christ and with each other, helping them own their faith and their identity in God's church.  

Click on the links below to learn more below about our programs for middle school students—or simply come on a weekend and check us out for yourself! 

Sunday Mornings:  The Breakfast Club


Wednesday Evenings:  Faith 101 Confirmation




There’s a lot NOT going on these days—we can still gather sensibly and grow in community! Join leaders and students around the campfire in the evening, for some fun, games, and singing, OR for an age-appropriate movie night (movies announced before the night).

  • Wednesday, September 16 Firepit Event
  • Friday, October 2 Parking Lot Movie Night
  • Wednesday, October 14 Firepit Event
  • Wednesday, October 28 Firepit Event
  • Wednesday, November 4 Firepit Event
  • Friday, November 20 Parking Lot Movie Night

Here's how we do it:

  • Bring your own chair
  • Bring your own snack and drink (If you want to roast anything we'll have a couple of fire pits going, bring your own roasting stick if you need one).
  • Bring your own pencil and paper (or use notes on your phone) that we may use in our devotion or a game...
  • We'll be spaced out at 6' distances according to local guidelines. We'll play some active (but distanced) games
    You're welcome to wear a mask, although according to current guidelines for outdoor, appropriately spaced events, masks are not required. (adjustments may be made according to changes in local guidelines)
  • Be safe -- if you don't feel well, skip this one and come to the next one!

We'd love to see you! Bring a friend!