Sunday Kids

Sunday Kids

Sunday is the place for kids at Webster Gardens!  From 9:30am-10:20am each Sunday, enthusiastic leaders lead our students as they dig into God’s Word through activities, video, discussions, and music. Join us for our Parents' Day on October 16 more information HERE.

Early Childhood

  • Parents and 2’s:  Room 104 (parent attends with 2-year-old)
  • Age 3:  Room 105 (parents are welcome to attend with their 3-year-old)
  • Age 4 thru Kindergarten:  Room 100


  • Grade 1:  Room 101
  • Grade 2:  Room 102
  • Grade 3:  Room 107
  • Grade 4:  Room 108

 Middle and High School

  • Grades 5-6:  Room D9 (downstairs)
  • Grades 7-8: Room D10 (downstairs)
  • High School "Salt & Light":  Youth and Community Center (YaCC)


Helping us keep kids safe:

CHECK-IN and pick-up

  • For kids 4th grade and younger
    • check-in for nametags in the hall outside your classroom.
    • we ask parents (or older siblings) to drop off and pickup at the room. 
  • Students 5th grade and older can check themselves in and out via a check-in station computer or the church app.
  • If it's your first visit, give yourself a couple of extra minutes to visit a check-in station to fill out a quick form (kid’s name, how to get ahold of you). 

WHO IS Working with MY CHILD?

  • Webster has a very enthusiastic and warm group of leaders ready to enrich your children's lives. All volunteers undergo a background check and are vetted by our staff. Your children are safe in our hands!

COVID preparations:

  • High traffic touchpoints are cleaned before Sunday Kids programs
  • We ask all families to help us care for ALL students by keeping sick children home from Sunday Kids