Our School

Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS)

Since 1974 when we partnered our day school with four other area congregations, our congregation continues to work and make Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS) a great place for kids to thrive.  CCLS offers Christ-centered education from preschool to 8th grade, where Christian values and Biblical truth are the foundation.  


Webster Gardens values the partnership between our congregation and school, as families grow in discipleship, and children are prepared and equipped to for a lifetime connection to Jesus and His church (because while we all graduate from school, we never graduate from being connected to God’s people!). This only happens when our school, congregation, and families are committed together in that effort. 

 CCLS and The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens are separate legal entities, each with its own staff and budget.  Our partnership is a very intentional one—both in terms of our shared family ministry and the financial commitment that goes along with it.  Webster Gardens annually supports CCLS with over $600,000 from church giving.  Using past enrollment data, our church typically subsidizes each WG student's tuition by over $4,000 as well as provides additional financial aid to specific families in need each year.  LCWG’s involvement with school leadership happens through School Board representation as well as daily collaboration from church staff, CCLS leadership, and teachers to ensure our facility meets school needs on a daily basis. 


Your involvement is not, of course, merely for your family, but it strengthens the entire body of Christ: from families with children at other schools, to older adults and young couples.  Family involvement is crucial, and our CCLS partner families at Webster Gardens commit to the following:

As a CCLS family in partnership with Webster Gardens, we recognize the value of worshiping together, and will model worship for our own children and for our congregation. We will attend worship consistently together, affirming the expectation that we will worship together at least 75% of Sundays (39 of 52 weeks each year). 

As a CCLS family in partnership with Webster Gardens, we will model behaviors and spiritual disciplines in our home (i.e. praying and reading God’s Word together, serving others, engagement in ministries of our church)  that will encourage our children to grow as disciples.

As a CCLS family in partnership with Webster Gardens, we will model biblical stewardship of God’s resources entrusted to us, returning the first fruits of our income back to the Lord, and sharing in the costs associated with a Christian education by way of tuition for each student enrolled.  We recognize the purpose of our congregation’s significant support of Christian education, and that it can only be sustained when families, also passionate about CCLS, join in this effort.  

Webster Gardens is committed to helping each family grow together in the Christian faith, and to develop children into future leaders.   For more information about the school, visit the CCLS website.