Serve Boldly, Share Jesus

Our purpose is to go out from our campus, empowered by the grace of God, to serve our neighbors and community with the love of Jesus Christ.  This ministry intentionally seeks to equip our members to serve individuals in need, through organized congregational serving opportunities or those developed by individual members in their own "neighborhood groups".  

At Webster Gardens we serve our neighbors on an on-going basis-it is what God calls all of us to do!  We rely on a wide group of leaders and volunteer servants to accomplish our ministry efforts.  Below is a summary of some of the ways individuals can get involved with iServe Ministries:

  • iServe Rapid Response:  This ministry team is dedicated to volunteering when special needs arise in our community.  Past work has included roofing, cleaning gutters, moving heavy objects, plumbing, landscaping needs, and painting. We also are ready to move in when natural disasters strike, such as floods or tornadoes. 
    1. Sign up to be a member of our team!  Team members pick when and where they serve in accordance with their own schedules. 
    2. Submit a project request for the iServe Ministry Leadership team to consider.
  • Summer Cafe:  Learn more about this team that serves two local communities by hosting events in their neighborhood parks each summer. Help us prepare and serve lunch (BBQ style), play games, shoot hoops, and mingle with the neighbors. We are all about building relationships with the community and understanding their needs. We also coordinate a school supplies collection with our church members and hand these out to the neighborhood students for the start of the school year.  
  • The Big Rake and The Big Spring Cleanup:  Each November we serve the community by sending droves of small groups, families, and friends to rake yards for those who aren’t able to do so on their own. We accept nominations for yards from members and also work with our local municipalities to learn more about individuals in need.  Additional information can be found on our EVENTS page during October/November each year. Then in the spring, we serve again cleaning up those flowerbeds and get them ready for blooms!  You will find information in February/March on our EVENTS page about this iServe event.   
  • Other Community Service Partnerships and Projects:  We are always interested in helping people in need in our community or hearing about potential partnership opportunities to connect individuals with local service organizations where possible.  Some examples of our current projects and partnerships include Human Care Fund for individuals in need in our community,  municipality "Make A Difference Days", Shepherd's Center Drivers, and the County Older Residents Programs (CORP).  

Please contact Tim Ellis at  or call (314) 961-5275 if you are interested in getting involved with iServe ministries, need assistance from one of our programs, or have a suggestion for a new way we can help in our community.