Groups Ministry


Our mission for Groups Ministry at Webster Gardens is to help members find and provide friendships that support them in enjoying and following Jesus. Romans 12 tells us, "… so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Through Groups Ministry, we give ourselves to each other in meaningful friendships by:

  • Joining a Small Group Community - Small Groups help us build relationships while also giving others the opportunity to connect with us. 
  • Growing as Disciples in a Small Group Community - Since we “belong” to each other, we have a responsibility to help each other grow as disciples of Jesus by reading God’s word, praying for and serving each other, and providing others encouragement to achieve their faith goals.
  • Expanding our Small Group Community - God calls us to share His blessings with those around us. We do this by helping others in our church get involved in a Small Group AND by helping our neighbors or others outside of our church find friendships with believers so that they, too, enjoy Jesus and follow Him. 


  • Care Communities: These groups are comprised of Webster Gardens worshipers who live in a specific geographical area in order to connect with and help our "neighbors" - even those who are not yet connected to Jesus.  Care communities support and encourage one another through neighborhood social events, prayer and reading scripture, and serving events focused on the needs of group members or the community at large.
  • Small Groups: These "traditional" Small Groups are formed with members interested in studying God's Word together.  Members may or may not live near one another, but these groups connect regularly for spiritual growth opportunities as well as serve together at various times during the year.
  • Other Adult Ministry Opportunities: Learn more about our Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, or our Seniors Ministry. All offer recurring opportunities to explore how God's Word is relevant in our everyday life through friendships and engaging in shared community experiences.


You can see a map and list of our current groups here. You can also use the Help Me Find a Group button for your interest in a Small Group or the Sunday Care Community button to join a group that meets on Sundays from 9:30 to 10:20am in the gym. Once we receive your form, a member of our Groups Ministry Leadership Team will be in touch to help you find the right group for you and your family.

 HELP ME FIND A GROUP   Sunday Care Community