Christ Alone: Reformation 500th Anniversary

This year marks the 500th anniversary of The Reformation, which God began through the life and teachings of Martin Luther. The Reformation reawakened the Gospel message and fearlessly shared to the world that it is by “Christ alone,” and not good deeds, we are granted salvation. Join us this Fall at Webster Gardens as we celebrate not only God’s free gift of grace, but also the life and words of Martin Luther that glorified Jesus.

Reformation 500 Events!

“The Legacy of Luther’s Reformation”
August 20 – October 29
9:30-10:25am, Friendship Hall

This class investigates the significant events of Martin Luther’s life and how these formed him to rediscover the Gospel message and courageously commend it to the world. The course also reflects upon the important teachings which arose from the Reformation and truths which have transformed countless lives and even history itself ever since.

Be a Neighbor
October 8 – October 31
Stop by the Kiosk in the Lobby

"Martin Luther once said, "God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does." Come to the “Be a Neighbor” kiosk in the lobby,  and pick up talking points and handouts you can use for ideas to serve those in your neighborhood. We’ll be filling a map with house-shaped sticky notes to show the impact and reach we’re making in the community. 



Reformation 500 Movie Showing
Monday, October 2
6:30-9:00pm, Wehrenberg Ronnies 20 Cinema

Join us for a movie showing of "Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World" at the Wehrenberg Ronnies 20 Cinema (5320 S. Lindbergh Blvd.). Webster Gardens has reserved an entire theater for our congregation, and a 20-minute question and answer session will follow the movie. You can purchase tickets on our website.


Early-Bird Ticket Prices (ends September 18): $5 per person
Normal Ticket Prices (after September 18): $10 per person


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Reformation in LEGO!
September – October 15
Sign Up at Kingdom Quest   

Children’s Ministry is commemorating the Reformation in LEGO! In September, students can sign up to receive a 5”x5” baseplate and instructions that they’ll return on October 15 to combine into a 50”x50” Luther’s Seal. All LEGO bricks will be returned to participants. Students will also take home a Reformation-themed devotion book and info on the biblical meaning behind Luther’s Seal.








Trunk or Treat
Saturday, October 28,
4:00-6:00pm, Webster Gardens Parking Lot

Join us for Trunk or Treat! A community event where adults decorate cars and hand out treats from their trunks or tailgates. Kids dress in their costumes, and go from car to car collecting candy and enjoying your creativity in a fun and safe environment! Dress up, bring a bag for your loot, and join in on the fun! It's free and there will be a lot more to do than just collect Halloween candy! Registration is coming soon!

Reformation Worship
Sundays in October, 8:00 & 10:45am or Mondays in October, 7:00pm


Worship Themes:

October 1 - CCLS Sunday
October 8 -
Grace Today
October 15 -
Faith Today

October 22 - Scripture Today
October 29 -
Jesus Today