Grow Deep The Life of David Edition

“The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people…”
—1 Samuel 13:!4

This is the first edition of the Grow Deep series not specifically based on a particular biblical work, but rather a person. The Bible commends us to examine the lives of people because God connects His Word to our human story. He communicates a perfect word through imperfect people. He exerts His power in weakness. He extends righteousness through the testimony of the broken. Ultimately, He attaches His word to Jesus. His story becomes the redemption of the world.

David is one of the largest stories in the Bible. We know more about David’s life from childhood to his death than any other figure in the Bible. We have a direct line into the thoughts of his heart. God chose David not for his great strength, leadership, musical talents or heroic qualities. God chose David because he pursued God’s heart.

The New Testament quotes and speaks of David more than any other character of the Old Testament. His life and struggles are a picture of our own. Jesus Himself is called, “Son of David.” Literally, David’s family tree brings Jesus into the world. But more than birth line, David connects us to Jesus’ mission. Through tragedy and triumph, failure and fame, heartache and hallelujah, we meet Jesus through David.

As you read from David’s story, “Grow Deep.” Look into your own story beside his. Let David take you to the Rock, the Deliverer, the Shepherd, Savior and Love of your life. Pursue Jesus with all your heart as you journey with David.

Grow Deep with Jesus!

The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens
Pastors Joel Christiansen, Brian King, and Bill Geis
June 2015

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