Proverbs, Volume 1

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding…”  - Proverbs 3:13

This first issue of 2017 marks the third year of this publication. Whether you’ve been with us for a long time or are joining the daily journey in the Bible for the first time, I celebrate with you a “Happy New Year” as we read and reflect on scripture together. This is more than a pleasant greeting of the season. It is an invitation to embrace the joy that flows out of a daily walk with the Lord.

I chose Proverbs for this first issue of 2017 to connect with our “New Year’s REVolution” worship series at Webster Gardens. Here’s an original proverb fitting of our journey.

The simple make resolutions which quickly concede to old ways;
The wise seek the Lord and His revolution of new life.

We make New Year’s resolutions because we see the imperfections of our lives and try (on our own) to fix them. The truth is, our good intentions (resolutions) rarely, if ever, work. We need more than resolve. We need a REVOLUTION. The good news is that the revolution has already been won for us! The wise become disciples who follow and mature in God’s work of revolution.

Proverbs is an Old Testament book that has two major parts. Think of the first ten chapters as parents sending children off to their first home away from home. Lady Wisdom, our mother, wants us to be prepared for the world, and she’s reminding us to remain in the Lord as she taught us. The second half is a collection of hundreds of short proverbs. They’re not designed to be read as a book, but explored for all the flavors and memories they invoke just as we would engage an extreme fine and costly delicacy of food or drink. This issue of Grow Deep is the first of future volumes of Proverbs using one week from the first half and six weeks from shorter proverbs.

When reading Proverbs, it is important to recognize that all of the Bible is directed toward one prime focus: The Messiah. Without this perspective, Proverbs can become nothing more than a New Year’s resolution. That’s why each week, we connect Proverbs to Jesus with an opening devotion. Let that set the tone for your meditations and give some focus to the Proverbs chosen for this issue. Don’t limit your learning from them to be mere advise for self-improvement. Look for and expect a “Jesus Revolution” in yourself as you read and reflect on Proverbs. Let them lead you to grow as a disciple of Jesus. That will be revolutionary!

Pastor Bill Geis

New Year’s 2017