Grow Deep: Life on Mission Edition

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” —Acts 1:8

Welcome to a new edition of “Grow Deep.” This special edition compliments a six week journey at Webster Gardens that aligns our worship, small groups and personal devotional life under a common theme: Life on Mission.

Life on Mission will bring into focus God’s purpose for your life. Together, we’ll open the scriptures and discover God’s heart for the world in these readings. As you reflect on God’s heart, expect your own heart to be stirred and moved to action. After all, God has a purpose for your life. Following Jesus calls for a Life on Mission.

The Bible verses and reflection questions in this booklet are largely drawn from our study guide, “Life on Mission” and the book of the same name. Both are authored by Tim Harlow in partnership with dozens of churches across the United States. They are re-printed here as a convenient, accessible companion to slip into your Bible as you practice a daily quiet time. Complete copies of the Book and Study Guide are available through your small group leader. And that’s the key: you will get the most benefit from Life on Mission when you connect with a small group.

The pastors, staff and Small Group Ministry Team at Webster Gardens have been praying for you for three months before this journey together. We’re absolutely convinced the Holy Spirit will work with great power in you as we take on this journey together.

Grow Deep with Jesus!

The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens
Pastors Joel Christiansen, Brian King, and Bill Geis
September 2015


Worship + Small Group + Daily Quiet Time

That’s a formula for success! Worship, Small Group and Daily Quiet Time are vital rhythms that grow deep connections with Jesus and with a community.

Simply put, disciples are students, but they are not solo students or casual attenders. They hang out together with their teacher! Growing Deep as a disciple involves the three environments of worship, small group, and daily quiet time. None stands alone; each is equally important. As we begin this series, make a commitment to do Life on Mission with this winning combination.


Who are You Doing LIFE With?

If you’re not connected to a small group, this is a perfect time. There are dozens of groups from which to choose. Many are new. Over 100 people are new to Small Groups as we begin this journey. Contact Pastor Geis, visit our website, or call the church office, 314-961-5275, to arrange for a personal introduction to a group.


Grow Deep Daily Reminder

From September 14 through October 24, Webster Gardens is providing daily text messages to support your Grow Deep reading plan. You’ll receive one text message each morning with the reading for the day, a link to read the verse online, and a reflection thought or question to encourage you to Grow Deep in your Life on Mission. These messages include an easy link for smart phones to read the Bible passage instantly. It’s a great way to grow deep this fall. To receive messages via text, text @growdeep to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying 'unsubscribe@growdeep'.


[This edition of Grow Deep is a special companion to the small group study guide, “Life on Mission: God’s People Finding God’s Heart for the World.” (c)2014 Tim Harlow. @tlharlow Reflection questions are reprinted from the study guide with permission for use with small groups at Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens. The complete study guide is available from your small group leader. This booklet may not be reproduced without permission.]