Grow Deep: Harvest Edition

“The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest .” —Psalm 85:12


When you’re a farmer, Harvest is the time of gathering in all you planned for, labored for, and long for. I write the word “Harvest” with a capital “H” for emphasis because Harvest time really takes on a life of its own.

I grew up in an urban setting and didn’t really appreciate Harvest until I moved to a rural community. During Harvest, everything in the community’s life is reoriented toward gathering the Harvest. There’s small window of time to gather the crop before it’s lost. Whether you’re a farmer by profession or not, you’re enlisted to be a worker in The Harvest.  Whether it’s driving combines and trucks, running meals and spare parts to the fields, transporting product and people, repairing equipment and mending wounds, providing hospitality for out-of-town crews, or accounting for all the transactions--men, women, and even children, work The Harvest.

Harvest fuels an urgency, an excitement, and a sense of community that’s hard to capture. It’s as if the big league, home team, were in the playoffs. It’s no wonder that one of the favorite metaphors of God’s gathering people together to Himself is The Harvest. Harvest gathers up all the promises of God.

There is a great day of God’s Harvest of inexpressible joy and unimaginable abundance that we’ve yet to see. Still, God is leading up to that day, working The Harvest from season to season, generation to generation. “The workers are few,” Jesus says.  And who does He enlist? Every willing hand. “Harvest is not months away,” our Master says, “but right in front of your eyes!”  We begin with Paul urging the Galatians not to retreat but to be faithful in bringing in the Harvest of the Gospel planted in them. We’ll meet Ruth and the Harvest of redeeming families. We sweat with Elijah who shows us that God’s Harvest comes even in drought. We’ll follow people from a variety of walks of life brought together because they meet Jesus. And we’ll finish this journey in a week of national Thanksgiving with moving expressions of gratitude to the Lord of the Harvest.

Grow Deep with us. The Harvest is exciting. It calls all hands to embrace the urgency and participate. It calls all hands to celebrate God’s provision and to offer our lives in gratitude. Today and in the Harvest to come, we can be certain, “The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.” (Psalm 85:12).

Pastor Bill Geis and the Adult Ministry Team
October 2015


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