Grow Deep Acts Edition

“In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do...” (Acts 1:1)

Sequels have attracted generations in literature and media. Great stories remain unfinished and invite us back for more.

Jesus is the “sequel” to the Divine Drama of the Old Testament. His life, death and resurrection liberates the creation and rescues us from the curse of our sins. Jesus is, however, not just the sequel. He is the center of a great trilogy that awaits our participation in the final act.

The Book of Acts is the opening act of the final days. It describes what happens after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Jesus is only seen in the first chapter, but He’s at work on every page. The work of Jesus is multiplying and growing in the lives of His followers. They will be called by many names, but one name endures to this day: Church. The “Church” is not a building, a religious group or worship service. The “Church” is people who belong to Jesus. They are people “called out” to live as Jesus’ witnesses. They carry on the story by inviting others to know Jesus and eternal life with Him.

Reading the Book of Acts is exciting, and the ending to the story of Acts is intentionally left unfinished. This final movement is our story. Through trial and conflict, gathering and scattering, from every nation and every person, Jesus is still growing His Church. Read yourself into this book. This story inspires courageous living. It challenges you to evaluate what you’re living for. You are the Book of Acts today. Through your story, Jesus is growing His Church and adding to His number daily “those who are being saved.” (Acts 2:47)

Grow Deep with Jesus!

The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens
Pastors Joel Christiansen, Brian King, and Bill Geis April 2015