Belong, Believe, Become Edition

“You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”  --1 Corinthians 12:27

Welcome to a journey that I pray will stick with you till Jesus comes again. Nearly twenty years ago, Sandi and I, went through a process involving a small group and a coach. Our purpose was to listen to the God, learn more about His will for our lives, and prayerfully live out His plan for our lives with greater clarity. Over the years, we have revisited and refined the process. It has been an integral part of decisions in our marriage and family, work and volunteerism, education and finances, even the churches and relationships we have poured our lives into. And our journey continues!

This issue of “Grow Deep” offers a process for you to explore your calling in the Kingdom of God. If you have used “Grow Deep” before, this issue has several new “features.” The core activity, “reading and reflecting on scripture” remains central to the process. However, along with listening to scripture is some simple homework that will help you learn more about yourself and God’s purpose for your life. 

Most importantly, this is a journey not to take alone. Included in this issue is a small group study guide. Connect with a small group as you take this journey. If you don’t have one contact the church office or use our website to find one. In the process Sandi and I have followed for two decades, it has been the many small groups in our lives that gave us a clearer picture of God’s plans for our lives and marriage.

In the beauty of God’s eternal purposes, we are all unique works of His creativity. Though we are different, we all “Belong” to Him and to one another. Even before we believed or understood, God chose us. When we come to that realization and “Believe” it for ourselves something exciting happens. We “Become” God’s work of art, the paintbrush in His hand, shaping a masterpiece. Belong. Believe. Become. is a simple process growing as a disciple of Jesus. It is a way to pursuing your “sweet spot” for serving Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

The process I wrote down years ago involved God’s call for me to be His instrument, a catalyst, for many churches to experience revival like a new Reformation movement. It was and remains a big vision that surprised me at the time. Over the years, by the grace and leading of Christ, I’ve taken small steps. Now as I write this issue of Grow Deep, I’m also preparing for a new personal move in my journey. In stepping down as your pastor to work intentionally for dozens, even hundreds, of churches, I’m following what I believe God has been shaping for years. I am still following and becoming today all God has purposed for me in Christ. 

Your story will be different. I share a tiny piece of my story to encourage you. I pray you will turn the page with excitement and the support of a small group. Ours is an unfinished story, decades in the making. No matter your past, your strength, age, education or anything else, God has His best work in front of you. Because of Jesus, you now… Belong. Believe. Become.

Pastor Bill Geis

September 2017