What's in Your Hand Edition

Grow Deep: What’s in Your Hand Edition

“You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” -Psalm 145:16

When our children were small, my Dad used to enjoy doing a particular “magic” trick for them. With great showmanship, he would hold a quarter up for his “audience” to see. He would strategically place the quarter in the palm of one of his hands and then put both hands behind his back, fists tightly closed. The challenge was to guess what was in each of my Dad’s hands--the coin or nothing! The boys’ little eyes would scan my Dad’s every movement, hoping to catch a glimpse of the quarter. Sometimes they would run behind my Dad’s back and tug on his fingers to try to find the quarter. But, as you might expect, they never did! Then, when my Dad would “magically” pull the coin from behind one of their ears, they would squeal with delight and amazement! Even as young children, they knew that in the end, my Dad would open his own hand to put a quarter into the palm of each of theirs.

As we close out the church year with this issue of Grow Deep, we will look inside our own hands to discover what God has placed there and how it “satisfies” and grows us as we use it to do His will. The Psalmist says, “You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” (Psalm 145:16) God opens His hand and lavishes us with His favor! He wants us to recognize Him as the Giver and to use His gifts for His glory.

Our series begins with the fulfillment of God’s plan for the unity of the Body of Christ as we celebrate All Saints’ Day. The three weeks that follow focus on Jesus’ teaching through parables found in Matthew 25. We will learn to be ready and prepare for Jesus to return at any time by “oiling” up our hands with the Word of God. We continue with teaching from Jesus’ parable of the “talents.” He has placed into our hands resources (“coins”) to use and invest in His Kingdom. And, finally, we conclude the series by looking at ways God wants us to give away what He has given to us. Jesus is so personally invested in our lives and the lives of those around us that when we open our hands to touch another human being, we touch Him, too!

As you read and reflect and grow deep into God’s Word, look for Jesus in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of every day. Be delighted and amazed by Him, be surprised and thankful for what He has placed into your hands! Take 15 minutes each day to discover nuggets of truth with Jesus!

Thanks to the following people who have enriched this journey by sharing their personal experiences and insights through their writing: Pastor Rudolph Blank, Pastor Bill Geis, Edie Grieshaber, Susan Heisner, Pastor Warren Huffines, Milissa McDaniel, Pastor Ron Nelson, Glenn Sprich, and Grace Stearns.

Grow deep with Jesus!

The Adult Ministry Team