Grow Deep - To Make Ready Edition

Grow Deep

To Make Ready Edition

“He will go … to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” Luke 1:17

The sign said, “Please enter quietly … this is your hour.” The business was selling a peaceful retreat from the stress of the outside world. With soft light, soothing sound, pleasant aroma and the gentle touch of oils and a massage, patrons would escape for an hour. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed such an experience. It can be very helpful. And if you have enjoyed such an experience, you have probably also come to realize that soon after your hour-long “escape,” the glow begins to fade and the stress returns.
Advent is a centuries-old spiritual discipline for generations of Christians. “Enter quietly … this is your hour!” Advent invites us, the followers of Jesus, to intentionally disconnect from our daily routines and to exercise the bond God has established with us. He’s ever-present in our lives, but it’s easy for us to miss that. It’s easy to be deceived and distracted from the presence of the Lord. Even though we often hear, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” we’ve nearly removed Him and made “the season the reason for the season.” It’s time to walk through the door and become a people once again prepared for the Lord. “Enter quietly … this is your hour.”
Grow Deep is a year-round, daily journey for hundreds of people. It is an opportunity to unplug and spend a little time in the Word of God. This is a place where we meet Jesus in a way that connects with our entire being. It’s more than Bible study; it’s a holistic, healing place of grace. This busy, exhausting Christmastime of year is one that begs for our quiet retreat.
This Advent edition of Grow Deep is an opportunity to step away from our chores and lists, our anxieties and obligations, and let the Spirit of the Lord touch our lives. It is an exercise in “decluttering” and renewal by the Holy Spirit. In the first week, He exposes the deceptions that send false but seductive messages. In the second week, He focuses our attention away from the many thoughts that distract us to one singular focus: Jesus. In the third week, we are refreshed by sharing the peace we experience in His story and in preparing for the coming of our Savior.
We offer this journey with the prayer that this Advent season will be a time of renewal and refreshment as you follow Jesus. “Enter quietly … this is your hour.”

Grow Deep with Jesus!
Pastor Bill Geis
Adult Ministry