Grow Deep - The Playbook Edition

November 3 – 30, 2019


“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel with My loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8

It is fall in St. Louis (finally!). The Cardinals just finished post-season play a few weeks ago, and the Blues’ hockey season is in full swing. Soccer is being played on fields all over the metro area. But it seems that fall, at least late fall, is really all about football.

Personally, I have never been much of a football fan. Even so, I do know some basic things about the game. I know that there is a head coach who is the “man with the plan.” He is the one who is ultimately in charge of the game. I know there is a playbook, which outlines all of what is to happen and how. There is the defensive team that is made up of the players with lots of “meat” on their bones. They are the strong “power players” who are able to block, tackle and keep the opposing team from scoring. There is the offensive team. They are the “mighty movers” – the ones who move the ball down the field for the home team with might, speed and accuracy. And when the ball makes it into the end zone for a six-point touchdown, there is a “super six” celebration … cheers, dancing, flips and more!

This issue of Grow Deep comes during the heart of football season. And just as there is in the game of football, there is a “Playbook” for us as Christians. It is the Bible. It tells us everything we need to know about how to live out our faith in our daily lives. It is the source of God’s perfect game plan for each one of us. God is the “Man with the Plan,” the One who knows every play every time. He “drafts” us onto the team. He gives us His Spirit and invites us to be in a daily, ongoing, growing relationship with Him. He instructs us through His Word (the Playbook). He equips us to be His “Power Players,” able to stand strong and defend ourselves from the attacks of Satan. He teaches us how to be “Mighty Movers” by putting our faith into action. He encourages us to follow Him so we grow in His likeness through time spent with Him in prayer, reflection, learning who He is in His Word, sharing our faith and serving others. And when we cross the goal line and are “In the End Zone” for the “Super Six” salvation through faith in Him, we rejoice and celebrate the victory! We rejoice with hearts full of thanks and praise. We look forward to and eagerly anticipate the Super Bowl of victories at His triumphant second coming.

Join us this fall as we Grow Deep together. Let God personally speak to you daily through time spent with Him reading and reflecting on what is in His divine Playbook!

Grow Deep With Jesus!
Adult Ministry Team
November 2019

Special thanks is given to the following writers for sharing their insights in this issue of Grow Deep: Week 2, Donna Russell; Week 3, Chris Burford; Week 4, Pastor Darrell Zimmerman.