Grow Deep - The Gospel in Seven Words Edition

The Gospel in Seven Words Edition

“… Always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have ...” 1 Peter 3:15

Lent is the season in the lives of Christians when we take time to reflect and repent and confess our sins. But it is also a time to confess our faith. Peter tells us in his first letter (3:15) to be prepared to confess and defend our faith to anyone who asks. That expression of faith (confession) is the focus of this series. Each week of this edition models a short seven-word sentence of the Gospel. The encouragement is for each of us to write (and speak) our own simple short-sentence confessions of the Gospel. We and those with whom we interact will remember more of our short sentences than our long explanations. So as we read and reflect over the next six weeks, the Scripture meditations are just one or two verses. Spend time meditating on them; allow the treasure of God’s Word to be etched upon your hearts with simple sentences of God’s grace. May the truths of our faith written in these simple sentences be always in the front of our minds and on the tips of our tongues. May they help each of us to realize, prepare and share the hope that we have in Jesus!

You will notice, too, that instead of a verse of Scripture to commit to memory each week, you are encouraged to memorize a verse or two of a Lenten hymn instead. The hymn verses are shared as words to speak, sing and make your own. In my own childhood, no season shaped faith conversations in our family more than the season of Lent. Memorizing Lenten hymns as a family encouraged us to talk about our faith around the kitchen table. So please take that same opportunity with your own family each week of this Lenten season. Learn, speak and/or sing these hymn verses daily. Even if you don’t know the tune, speak the words and talk about them together. See how God uses these hymn verses to grow your faith as well as your written and spoken confession of faith during this season.

Grow Deep with Jesus this Lent!
Pastor Bill Geis
Adult Ministry Team
Lent 2019

We give thanks to the following writers who have shared their insights with us as we begin this Lenten journey together: Week 1, Pastor Scott Holder; Week 2, Joe Bordeaux; Week 3, Chris Burford; Week 4, Billy Klug; Week 5, Julie Bode.