Grow Deep - The Family That Has Everything

The Family That Has Everything Edition

“And He is the head of the body, the church; He is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the supremacy.” Colossians 1:18

When you walk through the book of Colossians you’re confronted with superlatives: “everything, all things, everyone, always.” We run after “everything.” We’re often driven by FOMO (fear of missing out). But Paul applies all those “everythings” to Jesus: having Jesus is having everything. It is Jesus who gives us community and a purpose—everything we need. In our families and in our church family, God calls and equips us to live out that truth.

The first week of this edition we will consider what it means to have everything. We ask ourselves at what point we feel like we have “everything”—the grades, the approval, the job, the yard, the bank account and financial stability, the sports and activities and health. Do you have everything? If you took any of those away, would you have “less than” everything? Paul tells us that in Jesus, “all things hold together.”

“The Family that has Jesus has Everything.” What does it mean to have Jesus? You’ve been created by Him, you’re reconciled to God through Him, and He has the supremacy in your life and decisions. You may say “no” to some things because of Jesus’ supremacy as the head. Even without those things, though, you still have everything.

Jesus never loves you in isolation. Under the theme of our readings for Week 2, “The Family that has Jesus has Community,” we will discover how He connects you to one another in families and in communities. Your family is made to demonstrate God’s love together. Family life/life together is more than “right answers about God.” It’s about demonstrating God’s kindness, forgiveness, patience and love in your words and deeds. God’s love binds everything together in perfect unity. Families aren’t perfect, but we point each other to the One who is perfect in everything. Your family is more than your household—it’s your church, the community of God, the “one body into which you were called.”

Jesus provides everything His family needs. He’s given Himself; He’s given us our families. He’s made us part of His extended family, the church. As we focus on verses from Chapter 4 of Colossians, we will also focus on our God-given purpose. Week 3 our theme is “The Family that has Community has a Purpose.” What Paul highlights in these verses of Colossians is prayer, being watchful, proclaiming the message of Christ and capitalizing on the opportunities that God puts into our paths. We serve together as families and with our church family, and we pray for each other and those who don’t know Christ.

Join us as together we focus on Jesus, our “everything!”

Grow Deep with Jesus!
Pastor Brian King
Adult Ministry Team
August-September 2019

We thank the following who have shared their personal thoughts, stories and insights in this edition of Grow Deep: Week 2, Julie Bode; Week 3, Barbara Guiley.