Grow Deep - The Brand New Edition

January 5 – February 1, 2020

Brand New

“See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

As I sit down to write this, Christmas is over, all the decorations are packed away (or will be very soon), all the parties have taken place, our families have returned to their homes, the ball in Times Square has made its way down its specially designed flagpole, the fireworks have all been set off, and we have officially entered into a brand new year. Somehow, entering into this new year seemed especially momentous for me … perhaps because it was not only the start of a brand new year, but it was also the start of a brand new decade!

“What things will I have to face?” I wondered as I considered what it may mean for me to enter into a brand new decade at this time in my life. “How will my life change? Will I experience more joy than sorrow? More blessings than trouble? How will my health and physical appearance change over the next decade? What will happen in the lives of my children and their families? What will happen in the world? How will I navigate through all that this brand new year and decade will bring?”

If you are like me and had some of these same thoughts, concerns and questions rolling through your mind at the start of this new decade, then God’s words from Isaiah 43:19 (printed above) may speak to you as they spoke to me. Addressing the nation of Israel through His prophet Isaiah, God assures His people that He is with them and that He is doing a new thing, making a way where there is none. He is the author and creator of new things, and He wants us to open our eyes and “see” what He will do … to eagerly look forward to each brand new day, each brand new experience, each brand new year and decade that He stretches out before us. But most of all, He wants us to experience His presence with us in a brand new way each day. He wants us to put our trust and confidence in Him through every familiar experience and in every brand new set of circumstances that may come our way.

So, at the beginning of this brand new day … this brand new year … this brand new decade, take notice! Watch and see what God will do! He is continually at work in your life and in mine. He is continually doing a brand new thing. Slow down and grow deep with Him. Let the Spirit encourage you as you seek to make your relationship with Him your first priority. Set aside time each day to spend reading and reflecting on His Word and talking with Him in prayer. Take time to share His Word with those who do not know Him, rejoice in the knowledge that He made you a new creation in your baptism, engage with the brand new community He puts around you each day, and joyfully answer His call to do the work He has given you to do while you are on this earth! Watch and see the brand new way He is making for you!

Grow Deep With Jesus!
Adult Ministry
January 2020

We give thanks to the following writers who have shared their insight with us in this issue of Grow Deep: Ethan Peter (Week 1); Billy Klug (Week 2); Joe Bordeaux (Week 3); and Glenn Sprich (Week 4).