Grow Deep - TBD Edition

Grow Deep

TBD Edition

“And He will come again with glory …”
Nicene Creed

TBD. These three letters are scattered all over our calendars to identify meetings and plans, people and places that need additional information to be complete. TBDs keep us mindful of the bigger picture. At times they challenge us to be bold with a new step. Other times they reserve a place for us to follow-up and follow-through. Every time Christians speak the creed saying, “He will come again with glory …,” they mark their life stories with a TBD. Jesus IS coming again. His coming is TBD.

The Bible calls this TBD, “the Last Days.” Those words often provoke reactions of fear, protectionism, or hiding, but that’s not the Biblical message. The last days are a time of urgency for the followers of Jesus to anticipate and plan from an eternal perspective. They are times for bold service that “fills in” the uncertainty of our times with the clarity of our hope. They are times that call for perseverance in our follow-up and follow-through on Jesus’ TBD return.

Christian traditions use the last three weeks in November to focus on the return of Christ. This Grow Deep journey follows that tradition by specifically helping us look at these last days with a positive view. We see that “the Last Days” are days filled with opportunity, by the grace of God, to look forward and to engage with people about our glorious eternal future. It may be TBD, but Jesus is coming again in glory!

Each week of this edition takes the first letter of To Be Determined to “fill-in” and “follow-through” on the return of Jesus:

“T” - To Look Forward. Jesus is coming again! We look forward to Jesus’ second coming while growing in grace. We look forward to a future that is not of earthly powers but is of the reign of Christ already here.

“B” - Be Brave. Our focus on Christian Education celebrated on CCLS (Christ Community Lutheran School) Sunday at Webster Gardens kicks off Week 2 of this edition. CCLS chose “Be Brave” based on Isaiah 41:10 as their theme for this school year. As we wait in these TBD times, we are called to be Christians who step out bravely in faith and boldly in our witness of Jesus.

“D” - Determined to Persevere. The final week of this edition begins with Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday in the church year. It is Jesus, our hidden and yet returning King, to whom we listen as we persevere. We are to persevere with a spirit of joy and thanksgiving as we look forward to a future time with Him filled with honor and praise and glory and thanks. Perseverance produces character and hope for these TBD times. Jesus is coming again in glory!

Grow Deep with Jesus!
Pastor Bill Geis
November 2018

Thank you to Pastor Bill Geis (Week 1) and Chris Clausen (Week 3) for their thoughts and insights in this edition.