Grow Deep - Spiritual Conversations Edition

February 2–29, 2020

Spiritual Conversations Edition

"Whenever I speak, may words of Good News come to me…." Ephesians 6:19 NIV (Paraphrased)

For most of us, spoken conversations are a part of our everyday experience. But for many of us, “spiritual” conversations are not. In this issue of Grow Deep, we will explore some of the dynamics of spiritual conversations as we read and reflect on God’s Word each week.

In our first week we will discover the ways that our thoughts shape our spoken conversations. We will stop to consider questions like these: What does God think about? How are His thoughts speaking into our thoughts? How are they shaping our conversations, decisions and witness? How can our “thoughts” lead to conversations that bring peace, hope, joy and life to others?

In our second week we will explore, through Scripture, the critical role that listening plays in our relationships and conversations. God is a listener. And if we listen to people, we become a tangible witness to His grace. Our readings this week will invite us to “listen” to the voice of God speaking into our lives. They will challenge us to be God’s “ears” in the lives of the people we engage.

We would probably all welcome a little more “good news” in our conversations, wouldn’t we? Every week in this journey is filled with good news to bless conversations. In our third week we highlight the privilege and calling every Christian has to speak of grace. God’s Word affirms that we don’t have to be pastors, teachers or scholars of the Bible to enter into spiritual conversations. We can be confident and ready to speak because God is for us and with us. It’s His mission; His Spirit will send what we need to be “beautiful” messengers of His Gospel in our conversations.

The last week of this edition begins with Transfiguration Sunday, the doorstep to the season of Lent and the journey to the cross. At Transfiguration, the disciples wanted to stay with Jesus and continue their mountaintop conversations, but Jesus led them down the mountain where there were two crosses. For Jesus, it was the cross of suffering and death. For those who followed Him as His disciples, it was the cross of self-denial. Our journey will encourage us to consider what it means to be cross-carrying disciples and to take the message of Jesus to people in our conversations today.

You may notice that the readings in this edition are very short. The readings are intentionally short so that they will stick with us during the day and will become conversation starters. That may mean a morning conversation with Jesus that progresses to become a conversation from the heart with another person during the day. May our simple, daily prayer repeat the unlikely, yet greatest speaker of the Gospel, St. Paul. “Whenever I speak, may words of Good News come to me!”

Grow Deep with Jesus!
Pastor Bill Geis
February 2020

Thanks to the following writers who have shared their insights with us in this edition: Week 1, Julie Bode; Week 2, Rev. Wayne Knolhoff; Week 3, Rev. Scott Holder.