Grow Deep - Sent Vol 3 - Week 4

Week 4: August 11-17

Sent To Witness

Memory Verse: “You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9

My grandparents were missionaries in China and the Philippines. I remember as a young boy playing with crafts and looking at the pictures and artwork from both countries. Those things, other documents in files, and many books served as evidence, as a witness to their being missionaries. One might say a witness is or gives an account of what is known, seen, or heard, whether something is true or false. On this earth, mankind is a witness of God’s marvelous creation. Believers are witnesses to faith in Christ given for their sins, and nonbelievers are witnesses to the absence of faith in Christ. Missionaries are called and sent by Christ’s Church to specific locations to proclaim the kingdom of God, preaching repentance and forgiveness of sins in Christ’s name. In the same way, all Christians are called by God to be witnesses wherever they are because Jesus is the faithful witness in whom we live.

As God’s people, a holy congregation of saints, proclaiming the excellencies of God to the ends of the earth, we are to walk in love and be imitators of God in a dark world. Jesus does not leave us alone or without help in the trouble of life. He sends His Spirit, illuminating our hearts with grace, faith, light, life and armor. The Holy Spirit comes with power, forming us into the image of Christ producing fruits of faith. He is the One who empowers us and equips us. He calls us to follow obediently; to pray fervently; to seek Him in His Word; and to go to take His truth to those who do not know Him. As God’s witnesses, we are living sacrifices crucified with Christ our Lord, and this is God’s doing, not our own, and it is marvelous in our eyes.


Sunday, August 11
Read: Acts 1:1-8
Jesus tells His disciples to "wait" for the Holy Spirit. They are instructed to go to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth to bear witness to the truth of the Gospel when the Spirit comes on them with power. They eagerly obeyed the instructions of Jesus.
Reflect: Many times we fail to wait on the Lord. As His witnesses today, baptized into Christ’s baptism with power of the Holy Spirit, how do we wait on the Lord and witness to the ends of the earth? Certainly praying for strength to witness the gospel to our neighbors may be a start. Does someone you know or next to you need prayer and to hear the Gospel?


Monday, August 12
Read: Acts 4:23-31
One mark of an outreach-focused people is they are people of prayer. In these verses, Luke describes a church that knows that only God can convict and convert.
Reflect: How are we dependent on God for everything and pray throughout the day? Do we neglect to thank and pray to God for everything, and ask for help in every situation? God convicts our hearts of failures and shows us what we should do, and the power of God converts our hearts to faith in Christ. How can we pray and thank God today and speak His Word boldly?


Tuesday, August 13
Read: Acts 17:29-31
Paul is compelled to share the Gospel message in Athens. While speaking to a group of philosophers, Paul tells them clearly they must repent and believe in Jesus to be saved. The proof is in His death and resurrection. God has already set a day and time when He will return to judge the world with justice.
Reflect: As God’s offspring, we are made new in Christ’s image. Through faith, God raised our souls from a spiritual deadness. How are you comforted in the hope of the resurrection, body and soul, when Jesus returns visibly on the Last Day? Since one must repent and believe in Jesus to be saved, should not the whole world know this Good News?


Wednesday, August 14
Read: Acts 17:11-21
Those who are effective witnesses of the Gospel are students of God's Word. In these verses, the Berean Jews search out the truth by reading and studying Scripture. The Bible was (and is) the "filter" through which every truth was tested.
Reflect: The Holy Spirit is our teacher in the Holy Scriptures. Do we study Scripture confirming the Word of Truth in Christ for us? Do we also search God’s Truth in His Word against truths of the world? How can we carve out time each day to study His Word in depth?


Thursday, August 15
Read: Acts 2:38-41
All Christians are on a mission given by God to reach the lost for Jesus. Those who are most effective have hearts that break for those who do not know Him.
Reflect: We live in Christ’s baptism, death and resurrection given for us, called to be saved from the lost and sinful world in Jesus’ name. Think about how Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Since Jesus wants all people to be saved, how can you to speak with boldness to your neighbor?


Friday, August 16
Read: Acts 2:42-47
God puts us into communities so that the light of Christ in us might shine through to others. These verses describe a mission-minded, Christian community. The people loved each other and shared their time and possessions and faith with one another.
Reflect: We share in Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Lord’s Supper; we share in His teachings; we share all things in common, praising God in Christ. How can we love each other and our neighbor as He loved us? Do we devote ourselves to worship, hearing God’s word, and fellowship together with other Christians? Why or why not?


Saturday, August 17
Read: Acts 20:22-27
Paul was intentional about sharing the Gospel. Though the Spirit told him that chains and tribulations faced him in every place where he would share the Gospel, he was not deterred. Instead, he was determined and shared the truth with joy.
Reflect: Think about being intentional in sharing the Gospel with people we do not know. Does it bring you joy or fear? Christ is with us. How are we called today to be bold and witness the Gospel of Christ with joy no matter the outcome?