Grow Deep: Praying With Jesus Edition

Grow Deep
Praying With Jesus Edition

“He (Jesus) went out to the mountain to pray, and all night He continued in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

This edition comes in the midst of a busy time of year. May is the time of spring’s final pushing away winter’s doldrums and giving way to the joy of summer. That joy is celebrated in graduations, planting/planning new things, celebrating our mothers and remembering those who died in service to our country. May is so crowded with activity, it’s sometimes very difficult to “catch” that the church is remembering Jesus’ ascension, revival at Pentecost, and the celebration of the Holy Trinity at this time of year.

At the heart of Jesus’ ascension is power in disguise. It’s hidden from the ordinary observer (even as the activities of May sometimes hide it now). Jesus’ ascension isn’t His departure from our world; it is His power unleashed. That power, however, is one of the Spirit’s blowing like the wind. We can’t get our hands on that power, though, unless we have a spiritual connection. That’s why this issue of Grow Deep is shaped around prayer. This journey promises to be one that will challenge and invigorate our thinking and grasp of His power. Each week we will begin with a text used on Sunday morning. Then, through Psalms and other writings, we will learn to pray with Jesus—expressing our love for the Father; praying for homes in our neighborhood (those where we know our neighbor and those where we don’t); praying for revival and encouragement for our churches to reflect the power of Pentecost; and praying in such a way that we share the burdens of those who follow God’s call to serve.

This edition of Grow Deep will also bring a few changes in format. Instead of a section each day that includes reflection questions on the Scripture reading for families with young children, there is a daily prayer calendar in the center of the booklet. These prayer suggestions are meant to stimulate young children to pray spontaneously about things they experience in their daily lives and to express their love for Jesus in a way that is unique to each of them. You are encouraged to spend time together as a family with your young children praying together, out loud. In addition, Week 4 of this edition begins on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. For that week, there are prayers and prayer suggestions for praying for those who serve … in our military, our government, in vocations of all sorts, that we may carry one another’s burdens and fulfill Christ’s command and purpose in each of us.

Grow Deep in Prayer!

The Adult Ministry Team

We thank the following who shared their insights with us in this edition: Week 1 Devotion, Judy Ruf; Week 2 Devotion and Reflections, Adrienne Johnson; Week 3 Devotion and Reflections, Donna Russell; Week 4 Reflections/Prayers, Pastor Rudy Blank; Family Prayer Calendar, Suzanne Braun. We also thank Pastor Bill Geis, Edie Grieshaber, and the office staff for their insights and work in the production of this discipleship tool.