Grow Deep - Love Is... Edition Week 2

Week 2: April 12-18

Love Is … a Win

Memory Verse: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

“Who won?” is a common question heard among many. Those who are competitive in nature seem to have a propensity to want to know. However, “Who lost?” is a question that is not usually asked. Why? Can you have a win without a loss? A win sometimes brings about loud exclamations of joy, whereas a loss sometimes brings about tears. Can a win and loss stand side by side for people?

As we enter this Easter week, we have just experienced Holy Week and celebrated Jesus’ death and resurrection. What a win for us! God showed us His love in giving His only Son to die on the cross to forgive us of our sin. This win took sacrifice and it also took a loss … the loss of God’s Son … a loss for Satan as he was defeated.

For us there is also a win and a loss in our relationship with our Savior. Our loss is the giving up of our old sinful nature, and our win is allowing God to reorder the way we live on a daily basis. Are there things in your life that need to be sacrificed and lost in order for you to have a win with God? God did not call us to repent and have faith on Easter morning so He could help manage our lives. Rather, God calls us to repent and have faith to give us a new life, a transformed life. This is the love that wins! With shouts of joy and tears of gratefulness, a win and a loss can stand side by side because of Jesus.

Sunday, April 12
Read: Matthew 28:1-11
Jesus has risen and defeated death and Satan. His resurrection is our resurrection, death to sin and life with Him. The victory is ours.
Reflect: What are you doing with your resurrection? How can your joy in the good news spill over to others?

Monday, April 13
Read: John 3:13-17
The great truth that motivated God’s plan of salvation was His deep love for the world. His love is beyond our understanding but not beyond our reach.
Reflect: Do you know that you have eternal life? Have you surrendered to Christ? Who do you know who does not know Christ? What can you do to help introduce Jesus to that person particularly during this time of fear and uncertainty regarding the Coronavirus?

Tuesday, April 14
Romans 8:31-39
We won! We are more than conquerors. No court of life can condemn us. God’s love will keep us from being separated from Him.
Reflect: What about your day would change if you started believing you are an overcomer in Jesus? List truths in this passage that give you hope for life right now?

Wednesday, April 15
Read: 1 Corinthians 15:51-57
We can stand firm in the victory we have over sin and death because of Christ’s death and resurrection.
Reflect: Are you walking in victory even in your valleys? Are you able to withstand the arrows that are coming your way? Are you praising God for the victory He has given you? If not, what can you do to begin walking in victory?

Thursday, April 16
Read: Galatians 2:19-21
Observance of the law does not give us acceptance with God. Faith is a gift of God accomplished by the Holy Spirit through the Word and Sacrament. God’s love, Christ’s crucifixion and His resurrection have made our lives of faith possible.
Reflect: What enslaves you? What needs to die in your life today so Christ’s love can shine through you?

Friday, April 17
Read: Ephesians 3:14-21
We will never be able to measure God’s love, but as we trust Him, He will work within us for His glory.
Reflect: This was Paul’s prayer; let it be our prayer also. God’s love is a win for our lives. Is your life of faith rooted and grounded in the knowledge of Him and not merely in what you can understand and reason? What does that look like in your daily life?

Saturday, April 18
Read: Revelation 1:4-6
Jesus’ love for us is ongoing; it will never end. He has freed us from our sin once and for all time. We share in the royal priesthood of Christ.
Reflect: List the “wins” for you from knowing God and His love. As part of the body of believers, a royal priesthood, share those wins with those around you.