Grow Deep Jesus, Name Above All Edition - Week 2

Week: December 30, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Jesus, Name Above All: Jesus, Lord of All

Memory verse: “For my eyes have seen your salvation…” Luke 2:30

 What do you see when you see an infant? Some say a miracle; others say potential. Whatever you see, it is truly extraordinary.
While all infants are more than ordinary, the infant that Simeon and Anna saw when Jesus was presented at the temple was much more than ordinary. This infant would be salvation. He would be a light of revelation. He would be a sign that would be opposed and a revealer of hearts.

When Simeon sees the infant Jesus, he responds by God’s Spirit: “My eyes have seen Your salvation.” His eyes, which had seen the hurt and misery of the world, saw the cure to that hurt and misery. Luke 2:22-52 tells us that he also extended blessing … first to God and then to Joseph and Mary. Simeon’s response to seeing God’s salvation was to bless. In this, Simeon reflects God’s ancient promise to Abraham. “I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you … in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:2-3) God’s people see God’s salvation and respond by blessing.

While your eyes see God’s salvation in a manner different from Simeon’s, you still “see” God’s salvation. You see it in the care, compassion and companionship of your fellow Christians. You see it when the forgiveness of sins is declared to you. You see it when the bread and wine are given to eat and drink. Having seen God’s salvation, you can then respond by blessing. God will provide countless opportunities! With eyes that have seen God’s salvation, be prepared to be a blessing to others.

Taking Jesus to the Streets: Take a few moments to list ways that you can be a blessing. How can you be a blessing to your family? To your friends? To your coworkers? Then take action: be that blessing. Be prepared to bless them by sharing the salvation your eyes have seen in Jesus, God’s Son and Lord of all!

Sunday, December 30
Read: Luke 2:22-38
Reflect: Simeon and Anna see the infant Jesus and respond with blessing and praise. What is your response to hearing and experiencing God’s salvation? How can your family grow in their response of blessing and praise?

Monday, December 31
Read: John 1:1-4
Reflect: John describes Jesus as the Word of God and as Light. What words would you use to describe Jesus to others? How does Jesus bring life and light to you?

Tuesday, January 1
Read: Philippians 2:5-11
Reflect: Paul encourages his readers to be humble and to serve others, having the same mind as Jesus. What are your obstacles to humility and service? What opportunities is God presenting for you to serve Him and others?

Wednesday, January 2
Read: Colossians 1:15-20
Reflect: Jesus is described as both the image of God and the head of the Church. In what areas of life do you reflect Jesus’ being “the head”? Where can you seek to be reconciled, just as Jesus is your Reconciler?

Thursday, January 3
Read: 1 Timothy 6:11-16
Reflect: As Paul encourages Timothy in his Christian life, he calls Jesus “King of kings” and “Lord of lords.” Are there parts of your life where you struggle to let Jesus be King and Lord? Who can help you “fight the good fight of faith” in these areas?

Friday, January 4
Read: 1 Peter 2:4-10
Reflect: Peter writes that God’s people are built into a spiritual house, built on Jesus the Cornerstone. In what ways are you building your whole life on Jesus as your Cornerstone? What parts would benefit from being more aligned to Him?

Saturday, January 5
Read: Revelation 1:4-8
Reflect: John presents several titles for Jesus in this reading. Which of these titles speaks most to you? Which ones are more challenging to understand? What comfort do you find in this reading?