Grow Deep: Jesus, Name Above All Edition

Grow Deep

Jesus, Name Above All Edition

“God exalted Him to the highest place and gave
Him the name that is above every name …”
Philippians 2:9

When I was younger, I didn’t really like my name very much. But as I have grown older, I have learned to value my name and appreciate the thought and care my parents took in choosing it. It is familiar and comfortable, but not like old, comfy clothes that I put on or take off. It is much more of an integral part of who I am, like my skin or my fingerprints or my DNA. And even though there are others called by the same name, mine is still unique. It was chosen exclusively for me before I was born. It connects me to the record of my heritage and my family legacy. It goes with me wherever I go and is always a part of the dynamic, living history of who I am and who I am becoming.

Every time and place has valued names! Some names, like mine, carry a family legacy. Others carry aspirations, blessings and so much more. In this edition of Grow Deep, we will look at the incarnation of the Son of God through the lens of His divinely given name, “Jesus.” We will also look at some of His other names from Old Testament prophecy and New Testament teaching … names that capture His unique and divine legacy, mission, values, works, blessings, and honor.

As you read and reflect on His names, don’t allow the experience to become just an academic exercise. Names connect us to our heritage; they provide a pathway for us to engage in relationships with each other. The names of Jesus invite us to be connected to Him and to engage in our relationship with Him. The names of Jesus invite us to “hold” Him, love Him, and worship Him with wonder and awe. He is the One who is, was, and forever will be worshipped and glorified. The Babe born in Bethlehem and named Jesus is truly God who came in human form! Let the truth of who He is grow your love and worship for Him as you read and reflect on His glorious names and works during this Christmas season.

Grow Deeper With Jesus!
Adult Ministry Team
Christmas 2018

Thank you to Pastors Darrell Zimmerman (Week 1) and Scott Holder (Week 2) for sharing their insights and for inspiring us to grow deeper with Jesus throughout these next two weeks.