Grow Deep: I AM Edition, Week 6

Week 6 – March 21-24

I AM the Bread of Life …

“Jesus said to them, ‘I AM the Bread of Life; whoever comes to Me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in Me shall never thirst.’” - John 6:35

Bread from heaven. That’s what Jesus promised the crowd who, after the miraculous feeding of 5000, were looking for Him to do more miracles that would fill their bellies and satisfy their immediate needs. But even when Jesus proclaimed, “I AM the Bread of Life,” the people didn’t get it. Sure, the bread sounded good, but they didn’t recognize the great “I AM,” the God who could satisfy their souls and be their eternal provision. So, many took a pass on Jesus’ bread and foolishly craved the comfort food and empty calories found in this temporal life.

We, too, may often find ourselves filling up on worldly pursuits as we search for security and satisfaction in this life. But Jesus calls us to trust solely in Him to supply all our needs. He promises to be our perfect portion to sustain us today and for eternity. He nourishes us with His Word; strengthens us in trials and temptations; and satisfies the desires of our heart. He is good—all the time. His grace never gets stale; His love and forgiveness never run out. And there is always plenty left over to share with those around us.

So, I say, “Pass the Bread!” Give me Jesus. How about you?


Wednesday, March 21

Read: John 6:22-35

Jesus offers hungry crowds more than they can imagine. The “bread” He offers is the perfect portion that will satisfy all their needs for life—now and in eternity. The people flocked to Him because He filled them with physical food, but He tells them to work for food that does not spoil and gives them eternal life. The “work” they are to do is to believe in Him.

Reflect: For what do you hunger? How have worldly pursuits left you craving more? How have you experienced Jesus’ provision in your life?

For the Family: Earlier in John 6, Jesus fed the 5,000. What physical food do you eat when you are hungry? What would you want to satisfy your spiritual hunger?


Thursday, March 22

Read: Psalm 16

While not using the word “bread,” we see the Psalmist salivating for the Bread of Life that comes from God, trusting in the portion He gives. David, the writer of this Psalm, offers words of praise to the God who provides for him and keeps him safe and is his eternal inheritance. Memorize verse 11 to whet your appetite for the daily bread Jesus provides.

Memorize: “You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.” (v.11)

For the Family: Ask a parent what it means to have someone at your “right hand” or to be a “right-hand” man? When have you felt joy when you were with someone? Who is that person?

Alternate Family Focus on Psalm 16: Spend the next two days thinking about the ways that God “feeds” you and protects you. Think about the people He puts into your life who “feed” you and/or keep you safe (parents, grandparents, policemen, firefighters, etc.). Spend time thanking God for them and praying for them.


Friday, March 23

Read: Matthew 27:27-44

This is the account of Jesus, the Bread of Life, broken for you. Once the people wanted Jesus as their "Bread King” (John 6:15). Now He's mocked by Roman soldiers. Having already been beaten, He is given a “royal” robe, His head is bloodied by a crown of thorns, and He is forced to carry the heavy beam that would become part of the cross on which He would be crucified. All of it was done so we would have everything in His Kingdom.

Reflect: How do you mock Jesus, even as He provides for you? How does His sacrifice revive you, even when you feel the weight of your sin?

For the Family: After reading this Scripture, will you thank Jesus for suffering and dying for you? Who needs to hear about Jesus’ love for them? Who needs to know that His love didn’t end with His death on the cross?


Saturday, March 24

Read: 1 Corinthians 5:7-8

Jesus calls for us to get rid of old yeast—the sin that puffs us up in our own sight. Once unleavened, Jesus gives us a new yeast that raises us to life in Him. He calls us to leave behind the bread of sinful living and to eat the bread of truth and life instead.

Reflect: What “old yeast” do you need to get rid of? Because of Jesus, it’s gone! How does that reality change your life and help you to feed others with the Good News of Jesus?

For the Family: Look up the definition of yeast. What happens if you put yeast in bread dough? What happens if you don’t? Why do you think God tells us to get rid of old yeast in these verses?