Grow Deep - GRIT Edition - Week 8

Week 8: July 26-August 1

Living with the End in Mind

Memory Verse: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
1 Peter 4:8

How are you faring during this pandemic? For months now, you’ve been bombarded with information about the virus and its spread. You’ve masked up, washed your hands, spatially distanced yourself from others, and dutifully complied with local edicts aimed at containment. But if you’re like me, you find yourself wondering when all the craziness will end. When will new infections level off? When will we produce a vaccine? When will we return to some sense of normalcy? How do we persevere until then?

The answer lies in where we turn for strength and in whom we place our hope. God is continually growing us in “grit”. Through His power, we are courageous and steadfast. We find strength to endure because our hope is in Him. This hope is much more than a vague wish or feeling. It is an absolute certainty that God has prepared a place for us in Heaven for all eternity. Although we may not know precisely how our earthly lives will go, we know what awaits. We know that Christ will return, and that knowledge changes how we live now. As Christians, we are set apart. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live not for evil human desires, but for the will of God. We love each other deeply. We forgive. We do not seek revenge against those who sin against us. We use the gifts God gave us to serve others, so that in all things God may be praised.

God understands your weariness. He knows your struggles. Let your knowledge of the end inspire you to act now. Turn to Him. Depend on Him. Honor Him as you live out your earthly life. Do not fear, for He is with you—now and forever!

Sunday, July 26
Read: 1 Peter 4:1-11
Peter reminds Christians that they are to do God’s work as they live out their earthly lives while awaiting Christ’s return. He explains what living for God is and what it is not.
Reflect: How does knowing that the end will come affect how you live today? What does living for God look like for you? What specific gifts has God given you, and how can you use those gifts to serve others? How can you demonstrate God’s love to someone in your life who is especially hard to love?


Monday, July 27
Read: 1Peter 4:1-2
Suffering teaches us to depend on Christ and live for God’s will rather than human desires.
Reflect: What is your attitude when you experience suffering? Are you focused on your own desires or God’s will? What can you do to turn your eyes on Him?


Tuesday, July 28
Read: 1 Peter 4:3-5
Peter identifies multiple sins committed by the pagans in their reckless living. He also reminds us that we will all have to account to God for what we have done.
Reflect: For what reckless sins will you have to account as you stand before God on Judgment Day? Are you engaging in reckless, wild living now? Will you seek God’s forgiveness and commit to changing your behavior, with His help?


Wednesday, July 29
Read: 1 Peter 4:6
Peter tells us that the Gospel is preached so that those who hear it can live according to God in their earthly lives as well as their lives to come.
Reflect: How does knowing that eternal life awaits you affect how you live now? What needs to change in your life so you are living according to God’s will instead of your own?


Thursday, July 30
Read: 1 Peter 4:7-9
Because the end of all things is near, we are to be alert and of sober mind, love each other deeply, and offer hospitality to one another without complaint.
Reflect: How are you preparing for Christ’s return? Who in your life needs your love and compassion, and how will you demonstrate it, with God’s help?


Friday, July 31
Read: 1 Peter 4:10-11
God in His grace gives each of us gifts so that we may use those gifts to serve others. We are to speak the truth of His Word with respect and authority, unencumbered by our own opinions.
Reflect: How are you using your spiritual gifts to minister to those around you? How will you use God’s Word to build others up, according to their needs?


Saturday, August 1
Read: 1 Peter 4:1-11
As Christians, we live now in hopeful anticipation of Christ’s return. We live boldly and courageously with that end in mind. We reject the ways of the world and turn our eyes on God. He enables us to conform our conduct to His standards instead of the standards of the world. He gifts us with knowledge and abilities that we use to serve His people in love.
Reflect: How can you resist the temptation of human desires and focus on living according to God’s will? How is God calling you to serve others in the midst of this pandemic? How is He drawing you nearer to Him? Who needs your love today, and how will you show it?

Submitted by Jacqui Skoglund