Grow Deep - GRIT Edition - Week 7

Week 7: July 19-25

And the answer is . . . .!

Memory Verse: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have ….” 1 Peter 3:15

Boy, do we need answers! How long must we shelter in place, particularly if we or those we love are at high risk for grave illness or death from COVID-19? When will there be a reliable vaccine for this current plague? How long must our brothers and sisters of all colors continue to live, work, worship and raise their families with the threat of violence hanging over them? How long will our nation be polarized by the strident political voices shouting from both ends of the spectrum? How long must we endure the anxiety that arises from these questions and so many others we may have?

Now, as always, we find our answer in Jesus, Who has suffered, died and rose again to bring us the peace the world can never bring—the peace that is found only in Him.

Sunday, July 19
Read: I Peter 3:15-22
This passage contains the whole Gospel in a nice, neat package. Peter’s attention is focused on Jesus, Who sacrificed Himself for us and Who saves us through faith in Him by the power of the Holy Spirit working in our baptism.
Reflect: How does this change our focus from the chaos so evident in the world to the truth of His presence in our lives—His presence He promised never to take away from us?


Monday, July 20
Read: I Peter 3:15-16
We are called to answer attacks against us with gentleness and respect. That’s rarely easy, but with the help of the Holy Spirit we are strengthened to do just that.
Reflect: How does this truth empower us to live our lives so that we are faithful to our calling every day?


Tuesday, July 21
Read: I Peter 3:17-18
Ultimately, we are in God’s hands.
Reflect: How does this perspective (what I like to call “the long view of things”) help us when we face trials of all kinds in this life?


Wednesday, July 22
Read: I Peter 3:19-20
Jesus’ mission to redeem His people has been proclaimed throughout history, both to believers before He came and to those of us who have believed in Him since. The promise of the Messiah has been embraced by some and has been rejected by others.
Reflect: How do we see ourselves in relation to this promise? How does that affect the way we relate to others who may not know Him as their Savior?


Thursday, July 23
Read: I Peter 3:21a
Our baptism shows us clearly that Jesus did for us what we could not do for ourselves, namely, redeem us from the consequences of our sinful nature.
Reflect: When we view our lives through the lens of this unmerited gift of God, how does that shape the way we live, behave toward one another, and view ourselves in relation to Him?


Friday, July 24
Read: I Peter 3:21b-22
Jesus’ authority is absolute—He sits at God’s right hand and reigns supreme.
Reflect: Since Jesus is in control, how does that certainty help us to be more kind and loving in our speech and actions every day?


Saturday, July 25
Read: I Peter 3:15-22
Peter reminds his readers to be prepared … with an answer for our hope.
Reflect: We are mindful of whose we are—lost, sinful people redeemed by a merciful, loving Savior through no merit of our own. How can we go and share that “Best of News” to everyone we meet? May God grant us His strength, clarity of purpose, kindness, and peace as we go. Amen.

Contributed by Mary Beth Sullivan