Grow Deep - A Time to Transition Edition

May 3 – June 6

A Time to Transition Edition

“There is a time for everything; and a season for every activity under the heavens …” Ecclesiastes 3:1

For most of us, these past six or eight weeks have been a long, uncomfortable season. Every day there is some up-to-the-minute, breaking news story that has colored the reality of our lives with death, disease, isolation, restrictions … even conspiracy theories ... concerning COVID-19. People have been challenged; life as we know it has been upended!

This new season began in March for us, has continued through all of April and is now into May. But recently there has been a shift. The number of people with COVID-19 symptoms has peaked and is declining in the State of Missouri. As a result, some positive changes are in store. It seems we are entering into a long-awaited “Time of Transition” … the time when some sense of “normal” will be gradually introduced back into our lives. I, for one, am thrilled by that news. I look forward to the restoration of my regular daily rhythms and routines. And … I can hardly wait to connect with family, friends and neighbors again in person.

Still, there are some spiritual rhythms of my “isolated and restricted” lifestyle that I don’t want to change: more time for in-depth Bible study, “remotely” standing together in prayer at the same time every morning with a group of friends, time to encourage more people with phone calls, notes and text/email messages, receiving encouragement from notes and emails that speak God’s Word into my heart, time to more intentionally seek out opportunities to serve the lonely, fragile, hurting, and grieving in our community.

I don’t know exactly what this “Time of Transition” will look like …. none of us does! But I do know what is available to me and each of us during this time and every time and season of our lives: God’s presence, grace and wisdom as recorded in His Word. Stay close to Jesus; let His Word speak to you daily. Join us for this edition of Grow Deep.

Grow Deep with Jesus!
Edie Grieshaber
Adult Ministry
May 2020