Grow Deep - A Time to Transition Edition - Week 4

Week 4: May 24-30

A Time to Remember


Memory Verse: “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Traditionally, American flags have stood as “memorial” markers on the graves of servicemen and women in cemeteries all across our nation on this day. Decorations of red, white and blue have painted the landscape at family picnics and community events. This year, however, because of COVID-19, we will probably mark the day with very small gatherings, flags on our front lawns, and red, white and blue wreaths on our doors. The way we celebrate will be different, but the reason for celebrating will be the same … to remember and honor those who sacrificed so much to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

By nature, we humans are a forgetful people. God knows that. So throughout the pages of Scripture, He encourages us to establish “memorial” markers to remember … to remember who He is and what He has done. Remembering triggers thoughts of gratitude; it strengthens our faith. Remembering prepares us for and points us toward the future. Remembering moves us to worship Him and to tell our children and grandchildren what it means to be His. We are heirs of His mercy and grace, messengers of His truth in a shattered world … sent to proclaim the message of freedom from sin and death won for us by Jesus.

So this Memorial Day, pause to remember … remember and give thanks for those who laid down their lives on bloodied battlefields for our freedom. But more than that, pause to remember and give thanks to the One who sacrificed His all on a bloodied cross. Remember the freedom won for you by Jesus! He laid down His life for you. Live for Him; love and serve your neighbor. Let your lives become living testimonies, “memorial” markers, of what He has done for you.

Sunday, May 24
Read: John 8:31-38
Jesus instructs a group of Jews “who had believed Him” concerning the necessity of remaining in His Word. Is there a difference between “believing” Jesus and “believing in” Jesus? If so, what is it? Why does it matter? Why is “remaining” in His Word a marker of belief “in” Jesus? How can you be more intentional about “remaining” in His Word today?

Monday, May 25

Read: John 8:31-38
When we remain in God’s Word, we discover the Truth, and the Truth sets us free. What is the relationship between “remembering” who Jesus is and the knowledge of the Truth? In this weekend’s worship service, we confessed the 2nd Article of the Apostles’ Creed. We acknowledged that Jesus, fully God and fully man, redeemed us, a lost and condemned people, with His own blood. How does that confession call you into action? How does it motivate you to love and serve your neighbor?

Tuesday, May 26

Read: John 8:31-38
Jewish leaders found their identity in being children of Abraham. They claimed they had never been slaves of anyone. How does Jesus respond to them? Describe what it means to be a slave to sin. Have you been enslaved to sin in some area of your life? How have you been set free? What is your response to that freedom? How can your response become a living “memorial” of what Jesus has done for you?

Wednesday, May 27

Read: John 8:31-38
There is no place for the sinner in God’s household. But through the Son, the sinner is freed from bondage and is adopted into the family of God by faith. What feelings rise up in you when you consider the significance of the word “forever” in verse 35? When you think about being adopted into God’s family? Take time right now to thank God for making you His child and for giving you life in Him now and forever!

Thursday, May 28

Read: John 8:31-38
The truth sets you free; the Son sets you free. I have heard it said that “freedom isn’t free”? What does that mean to you? How can the exercise of “freedom” result in bondage instead? What is the truth that gives real freedom? Spend some time thinking about the cost of your freedom … think about the sacrifice Jesus made for you. How does your daily routine reflect your grateful worship? How should it?

Friday, May 29

Read: John 8:31-38
Jesus tells those listening that He follows His Father and that they are following their father and have no room in their hearts for His Word. Who is their father? What fills their hearts, leaving no room for His Word? What fills your heart? How does His Word in your heart motivate you to follow Him? How does it change the way you see and respond to others?

Saturday, May 30

Read: John 8:31-38
In these verses, Jesus speaks of truth and true discipleship. Is truth always true? If not, why not? What do you know that is always true? Jesus does not speak of discipleship but of “true” discipleship. Why does He make that distinction? How can you encourage someone in true discipleship?