Grow Deep - A Time to Transition Edition - Week 1

Week 1: May 3-9

A Time to be Safe

Memory Verse: “I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” John 10:11

“I am the Good Shepherd.” These words stir up comfort when we hear Jesus saying them. He is the One who protects His sheep, even to the point of dying for their protection. Of course, we also know that He rose from the dead and now provides even greater protection to His sheep. In this time in which we are currently living, being protected is vitally important. Facemasks, gloves, handwashing and hand sanitizer have all taken on new meaning regarding protection. While effective against earthly germs, they still cannot give protection from other dangers.

In these words, Jesus presents two considerable thoughts for our reflection. First, He is the Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep. In Jesus, we are kept safe from things like our sin and brokenness, from death, and from the power of the devil. We are restored to life with God our Father! We rejoice in that protection and safety.

Jesus is also the One who has sheep beyond His current gathering of sheep. He is still gathering, wanting to protect even more from those dangers just mentioned. And to do accomplish that, He permits His sheep to play an active role in spreading the good news of His protection. We rejoice that He honors us enough to include us in gathering His flock together.

This week, as you reflect daily on these verses, give thanks for the safety and protection you have in Jesus. In addition, pray for those opportunities that He presents before you to bring others into that same protection and safety.

Sunday, May 3
Read: John 10:1-18
Jesus calls to His sheep, and His sheep know His voice. In your life, how do you recognize the voice of Jesus speaking to you? Where do you go to hear His voice speaking to you? How do you tell the difference between Jesus’ voice and the other voices that demand your attention? How do you then focus on the voice of Jesus?

Monday, May 4
Read: John 10:1-18
Twice Jesus says that He is the door for the sheep. A door is a place of entrance. Within your household, discuss how you see Jesus as a door in your life. What experiences have you had where Jesus led you through a door of His designing? How does He keep the strangers and thieves from you in His role as a door?

Tuesday, May 5
Read: John 10:1-18
Twice Jesus says that He is the Good Shepherd. The first time He says it, He remarks on how the Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. He protects His own when others may flee. He speaks here of His death and resurrection in protection of the sheep. As we have watched death numbers soar through our current life situation, how does the hope of new life in Jesus take on added meaning in your life?

Wednesday, May 6
Read: John 10:1-18
The second time Jesus says He is the Good Shepherd, He says that He knows His own, and His own know Him. What comfort do you and the members of your household have with Jesus’ knowing you? As appropriate, you can even discuss areas where you don’t want Jesus to know you that well, areas which you try to hide away. Jesus knows His sheep better than they know themselves. Recall a situation in life where you knew the comfort of Jesus’ knowing you.

Thursday, May 7
Read: John 10:1-18
As the Good Shepherd, Jesus’ sheep know His voice, just as the Father knows Jesus, and Jesus knows the Father. As you hear God in His word, you hear Jesus. This means that every time you engage God’s Word, you are hearing Jesus. Describe your current practice of hearing that Word. Share that practice with another person. Also, what one step can you take to grow in hearing that Word? Share that step with another person as well.

Friday, May 8
Read: John 10:1-18
Jesus says that He has other sheep that are not of the fold to which He was speaking, and that He desires that they come to Him and hear His voice. Who in your life may be showing signs of being ready to hear Jesus? Dedicate yourself to praying for that person for the next few days. As the opportunity arises, invite them to worship, whether in person or via Livestream. Then, debrief their experience with them to see what stood out to them.

Saturday, May 9
Read: John 10:1-18
Jesus lays down His life, and He has authority to take His life back up. Jesus here claims that He can raise Himself from the dead. What protection do you have in knowing that the One who watches over you night and day even has authority over death? As we hear of deaths, and perhaps even see loved ones die, how do you give words to that hope? With our current situation, it is a good idea to have words to express that hope, given our uncertain times. Write out your hope, and even share it with another.

Contributed by Pastor Scott Holder