Our Properties Ministry Team provides for the ongoing care and maintenance of the buildings and property, with consideration for all areas of ministry. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, clean and attractive facility, while prioritizing building improvement projects by need and available funding.

There are several different ways individuals may get involved in supporting our Properties ministry as follows:

  • Christmas Decorating:  Individuals or small groups can help decorate the Sanctuary and Friendship Hall for the Christmas season (usually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving-dependent on the Advent calendar).
  • Landscaping:  Plant flowers in the spring or assist on volunteer workdays to trim bushes and clean out flowerbeds.
  • Maintenance Projects:  Help on volunteer workdays with general maintenance needs and painting, or provide specialty services in construction, plumbing, or electrical work as needed.
  • Properties Team:  Serve with the Properties Board managing one-time building projects in a variety of areas.

If you have questions about our Properties ministry or would like to volunteer for a Properties role, please contact Kim Jacobs at .