Middle School

Middle School

The middle school years can be tough.  Friends.  Activities. Juggling schedules.  These years are also very important years of growth.  God cares about middle school students...and so do we.  Our Middle School ministry is geared toward connecting students with Christ and with each other, helping them own their faith and their identity in God's church.  

Click on the links below to learn more below about our programs for middle school students—or simply come on a weekend and check us out for yourself! 

Sunday Mornings:  The Breakfast Club


Wednesday Evenings:  Faith 101 Confirmation



Webster Gardens hosts events each year to help Jr. High kids grow in their faith, make new friends, and have fun!  Check back here for more info about upcoming events soon.

Middle School Crazy Bowl Lock-In
FEBRUARY 7-8 9:00PM TO 7:30-8AM

Join us for an all-nighter, kicking off with Crazy Bowl, followed by great games, activities, food, and devotions, through the night at our Youth and Community Center. You can bring your Nerf blaster and darts for some optional late-night battles. Bring a friend!

Early bird rate, by Sunday, January 19: $15
Regular rate, by Sunday, February 2: $20
Deadline to register is February 2. As this event requires a pre-determined ratio of adult leaders, please abide by this deadline. Invite your friends early!

Please consider serving at this event. See the form to signup to volunteer! Thank you.


Cedar Point Road Trip/Servant Event: July 15-18, 2020
Wednesday, July 15 - Saturday, July 18, 2020

This will be an awesome road trip with devotions and time with God! When we reach our destination, we will enjoy an unbelievable day at Cedar Point Amusement Park. While there we will also serve at Peace Lutheran Church in Detroit. Join us this summer for this great trip.  More information HERE.  Email Pastor King with questions.

Cost: Early Bird (before May 5): $199.00, Cedar Point Trip Cost (Student): $229.00