Our School

Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS)

Since 1974 when we partnered our day school with four other area congregations, our congregation continues to work and make Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS) a great place for kids to thrive.  CCLS offers Christ-centered education from preschool to 8th grade, where Christian values and Biblical truth are the foundation, honesty and integrity matter, joy and hard work are equally important values, and character is as important as GPA.  


Our church's partnership with CCLS expresses our commitment to strong family ministry at Webster Gardens.  CCLS and The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens are separate legal entities, each with its own staff and budget.  LCWG’s involvement with school leadership happens through School Board representation from LCWG pastoral and elected leader representatives, who ensure both the interests of the school and church are aligned.  In addition, members of our church staff spend significant time working with CCLS leadership, staff and teachers to ensure our facility meets school needs on a daily basis. 

Our partnership is a very intentional one—both in terms of our shared family ministry and the financial commitment that goes along with it.  Webster Gardens annually supports CCLS with over $600,000 from church giving.  Using past enrollment data, our church typically subsidizes each WG student's tuition by over $4,000 as well as provides additional financial aid to specific families in need each year.

Webster Gardens families who choose to send their children to school at CCLS become a part of this partnership, realizing both the benefits and responsibilities to keep it strong.  

CCLS families are encouraged to review their FAMILY COMMITMENT annually, to ensure they are connected with both the school AND church. Children will eventually graduate from CCLS but their church home can last a lifetime.  We believe your family's strong relationship with our church early on will shape your child's lifelong commitment to Christ and His church.

For more information about the school, visit the CCLS website.