Rapid Response Team

Always Ready To Serve

iServe is more than our Home Makeovers and Big Rakes. People in our community are in need everyday, and at the drop of a hat, we want to serve and love as Christ did for us. So who do we call on when the community needs our help? The Rapid Response Team!

This team is dedicated to volunteering on short notice when emergency situations or needs are being called for in the community. Throughout the years we have worked on housing needs that include -- roofing, tearing down, cleaning gutters, moving heavy objects, plumbing, trimming bushes, landscaping, and painting. We also are ready to move in when natural disasters strike, such as, flooding or tornadoes. This past Spring, we helped communities lay sandbags in efforts to keep flood waters at bay. We also help fundraise coat drives, collect food, and offer transportation for those in need.

Are you interested in joining the Rapid Response Team? Sign up below. We understand that some days volunteers can't help due to prior commitments or duties. That's okay! We're a team, so you can pick when and where you serve in accordance with your own schedule!

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