High School

High School

High School is a defining part of a person’s life.  Students begin to really settle into their beliefs about the world, God, their purpose, etc.  During this influential time, we want students to be surrounded by people who know and love  Jesus. We want them to know followers of Christ who will assist parents in equipping them for college and life.

Click on the links below to learn more below about our programs for high school students—or simply come on a weekend and check us out for yourself! 

Sunday Mornings:  Salt & Light


Wednesday Evenings:  Focus



Webster Gardens hosts events each year to help high school students grow in their faith, make new friends, and have fun!  Check out the links below for more info about upcoming events. 


High School Kickoff Barbecue 2019


High School students will be getting together to get to know each other, meet their leaders, have fun, and start to figure out what small groups they'll be in. The Kickoff will be at Crestwood Park where we'll grill up burgers, play games, and a few games to help us get to know each other!