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God Shows Up…and it’s Worship

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I didn’t start out thinking about the Ascension of Jesus (which we celebrate on Sunday) for today’s blog post, but it ended up sneaking around and hitting me from behind anyway…

I was with a group of men at our “Guys’ Weekend” last week, down in Patterson, MO. Everyone was in their lawn chairs, we were in a circle around a fire ring. It was our closing worship service.
What made it worship? Jesus was there. (I know, Jesus is God, He’s everywhere, but everywhere isn’t necessarily worship.)

So what made THIS worship?
God’s people were gathered for His purpose, even though they were wearing muddy sandals and old shirts. Speaking the words of the Apostles’ Creed reminded us who we were there for.
God spoke—participants read various passages from His Word. Words of comfort, or challenge, of identity, and of His love and grace.
God’s forgiveness was delivered—we confessed our sins and God assured us that our sin is gone!
God invited us to His table—where Jesus was present with the bread and the wine (if you’re wondering, our altar was an old wooden Radio Flyer sled from the barn.)

Whether you worship in a pew or at a retreat, God sets the table and His people show up. And he brings the goods—His good news, and Himself! That’s what he promised his disciples would happen after He ascended into heaven (promised before his death in John 16, after His resurrection in Matthew 28, and at His ascension in Acts 1)—it’s His presence, through His Holy Spirit, with His people, empowering us for His purpose! That’s what makes worship unique, and that’s what ties worship together whether you’re at a farm or a cathedral. Come and enjoy His presence!

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