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Easter Everywhere

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Easter is a profound time.  It’s not that Jesus lacks profundity at other times – certainly he never lacks it.  But Easter is a time when ALL dwell in the revelation of the Gospel.  In America at least, I think it’s safe to presume that most if not all people have an awareness of Jesus and His resurrection, especially during this season.  It’s virtually inescapable.  And yet somehow, whether through ignorance or even perhaps avoidance, many still miss the message.  So today I offer you a simple song.  It’s one we sang during Good Friday services, and it tells the Gospel in plain truth: 

Jesus went through everything – life, ministry, rejection, false accusations, betrayal, punishment, death AND resurrection – because our Father loves us. 

Please have a listen.

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You’re Invited!

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“Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.”  These words from Revelation 19 illustrate the importance of an invitation.  Over and again we see in scripture how invitations impact people’s lives.  An invitation is more than just politeness and good manners, more than just a manifestation of social graces.  No, it’s much more profound.  Witness this true story:

There once was a young man who seemingly cared not one iota for Jesus or His truth.  The Gospel was lost on this young man, incomprehensible, a complete mystery.  And although this young man had been raised in the church, he grew up to totally miss the point.  Now this young man worked in an office, and in this office was a person who knew and loved and enjoyed Jesus.  This person was not shy about this love for Jesus, and was always kind and joy-filled, and ready to share the Truth “in and out of season.”  So it came to pass that one day this person invited the young man to church, using the words, “You should visit my church – it’s got real people in it.”  No longer able to defend himself against such kindness and joy, the young man agreed to visit.  And he went and found that, yes, the church was filled with “real people.”  As time went on, the young man continued to “visit” that church.  He visited until God no longer seemed distant, and the Truth that was planted in him as a child began to grow and bear fruit.  Now the formerly-young man is 45, and he is the director of worship at your church. 

All because someone once cared enough to invite me to their church.

Invitations impact people’s lives.  I encourage you – I URGE you – to please be an inviter.  Easter is coming and you can help share the Good News.  Invite someone to visit YOUR church.  It has real people in it.

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