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Growing In Prayer

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A friend invited me for dinner and seated next to me was a married couple. I knew them by name, and our paths had crossed a few times, but that was it. I knew nothing noteworthy about them.

As we finished dinner, I said to them, “I am so glad to be here with you. I would like to get to know you better.  Tell me more about yourselves.” They talked about how they grew up, their jobs, and their children and grandchildren. 

While that was good, there was much more to their story that I hadn't heard. I didn’t hear about their hopes and dreams, or their disappointments and joys. I had learned about them, but I didn’t really get to know them. 

When it comes to our faith, God’s desire is that we know Him. It is our prayer that “we would know Him better” – his power, his love, and the hope He brings.  (Ephesians 1:15-23)

That’s our goal this upcoming Lenten season.  Instead of “giving something up” we are going to “take something on.” We are going to get to know God better! Since the beginning, Lent has been a season used to disciple people, so they know God better and enjoy life with Him. Furthermore, this season of Lent we are going to grow in prayer. We are going to discover that God’s conversation with us is the foundation of our conversation with Him. We are going to grow in carving out space in our busy schedules to spend time in the most important relationship of all. After all, we will find time for what we value.

God will reveal Himself to us this Lenten season and we will get to know Him better.

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Dancing in the Aisles

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It’s true that we have great preaching and inspiring music at Webster Gardens, but I must say that the real inspiration for the joy I have in worship comes from some of the youngest children who attend. On a number of occasions, I have been blessed to sit near children who like to dance to the music. I don’t mean they sway a little or bounce around in the confines of their pew; I’m talking about dancing in the aisles—literally! Some dance by themselves and others find friends in nearby pews to join them. They join hands as they twirl around together. Some may think these kids are cute. Some may consider them a distraction to their worship. Others may wonder why their parents are letting them get away with such antics during a worship service. But when I look into the eyes of these children, I see them worshipping Jesus with a true, unbridled joy. With nothing to hold them back (and I commend their parents for not holding them back), they are enjoying the presence of Jesus in His church. At that moment, there is no place they would rather be.

The children remind me of the time that King David danced and celebrated as he witnessed the Ark of the Covenant being brought into the city. He got into trouble too. His wife didn’t think he was being appropriate. But because he was moved by the presence of God, he couldn’t contain himself. (Read 1 Chronicles 15:29.)

I want to be like King David, and like the children of our church. Their joy is real and for me, it is contagious! Watching them, I can’t help but dance too (with my heart—not with my feet). They remind me that worship is not just an obligation but a great privilege, a refreshment for our souls and it is definitely something we can enjoy without guilt.

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