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Christmas for Joy

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Friends, let me remind you that THIS VERY FRIDAY, December 18, is our “Christmas for Joy” concert.  I’ll repost the details at the end of this blog.  Here are some things you may want to know:

The show begins at 7pm with my dear friends Connie & Amalia (sometimes known as “The Ladies of Broadway”) performing their unique and most excellent Christmas set!  Regular performers with Stages, Caroling Saint Louis and other local theatrical venues, Connie & Amalia will take you on a musical trip that recalls your fondest Christmas memories.  Come early, you won’t want to miss a note! 

Following your trip down memory lane, the music continues with a set of all-original worship songs by me and my good friend Bizzy Grapperhaus.  Bizzy is one of the most worshipful singers I’ve ever met, and her songs will stick with you LONG after the concert is through.  And while none of our tunes qualify as Christmas music, per se, you will see and hear for yourself how each one of our songs does, in fact, point you right to Jesus.  And that’s what Christmas is really all about, isn’t it?

So do come to the concert, won’t you?  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


Christmas for Joy – A Concert

*Passing the hat for international adoption*

Friday, December 18 @ 7pm

Currently, there are 153 MILLION orphans in the world – but here’s a chance for you to do something about it!

YOU are cordially invited to an evening of music and worship featuring Chris Clausen, Bizzy Grapperhaus and friends!  The concert is free of charge, but we will “pass the hat” to benefit international adoption.  Come bring your worship and your generosity!


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Opportunities in Abundance

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Well, friends, it’s “that time” of year once again.  You know, the time when the holidays sneak up on you EVEN THOUGH you knew they were coming.  Staying on top of everything – family gatherings, food preparation, present acquisition, decorating, hosting parties – seems nigh impossible.  Yet somehow, some way you muster the strength to do it all, even as you ponder how unlikely it would be for you to oblige…one…more……thing.

Or can you?

With your allowance, I would like to suggest that there’s a REASON you can muster the strength to do all these things.  His name is Jesus.  Philippians 4:13 says, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

So let me also suggest, then, that you really, really DO have room for just one more thing.  If He is the One strengthening you, then perhaps “plugging in” to Him as much as possible is the BEST thing you can do with your time and energy this season.  No?  Well…Yes!

Between now and January 1, here at Webster Gardens, we will have over 30 worship services.  Wow!  That’s ample opportunity to bring yourself – and perhaps some people you know – to a place that’s set apart from the noisy demands of the world.  A place where you can “plug-in” and focus on the One who strengthens you.  Tell me now, who doesn’t need that?!?

Our church community is pleased to invite you to come to the following worship services:

Thanksgiving Eve7pm
Thanksgiving Day10am
Mid-week - Wednesdays in December 3:45pm & 6:30pm
Christmas Eve - 4pm, 7pm & 9pm
Christmas Day - 10am
New Year’s Eve - 5pm

We will be very glad to see you!

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