CCLS Family Commitment


Our church leadership works hard to keep our relationship and partnership with CCLS mutually beneficial, but this works only when CCLS families join us in that effort.  Studies show the spiritual development of children and parents works best when schools, churches, and families work together.  

Therefore, we ask each CCLS partner family to commit to the following:

  • REGULAR WORSHIP ATTENDANCE AT LCWG:  Families should attend worship together, with an overall expectation is that you will worship together at least 39 out of 52 weeks each year. 
    • When family worship is delegated to school chapels, the probability of children upon graduation at age 13 remaining in the faith diminishes, with a recent study showing that 59% of teens leave the church after middle school. 
    • While we do not experience that high of loss, we do see families significantly lower their involvement because their sense of belonging/faith development was solely with the school.  However, families who are connected with both the school AND church continue to be active members at LCWG and grow their faith.  We believe building that foundation with your children early on shapes their lifelong commitment to Christ and His church.
  • MODEL DISCIPLESHIP:  Parents should train their children and model behaviors and spiritual disciplines in your home that will encourage them to grow in discipleship. 
  • DEMONSTRATE GENEROSITY:  Model good stewardship of God’s resources entrusted to you and return the first fruits of your income back to the Lord, and share in the costs associated with a Christian education by way of tuition for each student enrolled.  We are greatly committed to Christian education, however, we can only afford this significant support when other families, also passionate about CCLS, join with us.  

The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens is committed to helping each family disciple their children in the Christian faith and develop their children into future leaders in our society.    We will provide tools, opportunities for training, and other resources that will encourage your family to Know and Enjoy God (worship); Read and Reflect on Scripture (daily Bible study); and Serve and Share the Gospel (use your spiritual gifts, talents, time and financial resources to serve others and to act as a conduit connecting others to Christ and His Church).